Zhu Xian 2 _ Xiao Ding _ txt Novel Paradise

  • After Zhang Xiaofan and others left, the town of Xiaochi was restored to its former calm. In the Black Rock Cave, naturally, no monster came out to harm the people. But strangely, soon after, in the woods outside the Black Rock Cave, there were many wild animals inexplicably, some of which looked strange. The people in Xiaochi Town had never seen them before. In the days that followed, nine out of ten people who strayed into the woods never came out. But these monsters have an advantage, that is, they never go out of the woods. Later, the people of Xiaochi Town discovered this, and no one went to the woods any more. As time went on, the place became more and more desolate and uninhabited, and no one remembered what had happened in the woods. After Zhang Xiaofan and others left that day, the people of Xiaochi Town sighed. Later, they built an ancestral temple of immortals on the east side of the town. There were three immortals on the temple: one in the middle was strong and tall, like King Kong, and beside each was a man and a woman. The woman was quite beautiful, but the man was very strange, holding something like a fire stick in his hand. Since then, many years have passed, and later generations have long forgotten what happened today, but the incense in the ancestral temple of immortals in Xiaochi Town is very strong. Although some busybodies have made textual research in many ways, they have never been able to guess which way the gods in the sky are, saying that they are the Bodhisattvas of the land in the town of Xiaochi, but they are not like them. I don't know if it was because I had received the incense for a long time that I had the spirit. It is said that those who came to this immortal temple to worship the gods and petition were actually very efficacious. After the fame spread, people from the nearby villages also came to worship. Some blessed the rich, some prayed to be officials,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and later pregnant women begged to have children. They also came to worship the statues of stone and others. But I don't know how the three of them would feel if they knew about it. But this is the last word, so I will not mention it. ※※※ Note 1: "Shen Mo Zhi Yi · Monster Chapter"-Big Black Leech: An ancient alien species, living in a dark crypt. The body is huge, ten Zhangs high, with tentacles, more than a few Zhangs long, carnivorous, and those who are close to it all plunder it and eat it, without seeing the bones. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 13 Changhe City Zhang Xiaofan, Baguio and Stone left Xiaochi Town, headed east,Brushless Gear Motor, flew some distance, and fell to the ground. Stone first asked Zhang Xiaofan, "Brother Zhang, where are you going next?" Zhang Xiaofan hesitated for a moment and said, "Since Elder Martial Sister Yanhong of the Incense Valley has said that my master is going to Liubo Mountain in the East China Sea, I will also go to see them.". What about you The Stone thought for a moment and said, "Then I'll go too. Anyway, Shifu asked me to travel all over the world and do good deeds.". This time I just heard that the remaining evil spirits of the Demon Sect were going to stir up trouble again, so I also went to make a contribution. "Humph!" Suddenly, there was a sneer from the side, but it was Baguio who snorted and said coldly, "Good ambition, good decency. But don't let the time come when you can't subdue the demons, instead, you will be subjugated by the remaining evils of the Demon Sect." Stone a stay, for a moment do not know what to say, turned to look at Zhang Xiaofan, only to see Zhang Xiaofan a face of embarrassment, look at Baguio, is also generally unable to speak. "What are you looking at me for?" Baguio sneered. Zhang Xiaofan and stone looked at each other, 24v Gear Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, Zhang Xiaofan is better, after all, had a period of time with Baguio, more or less know her temper, and he knew the identity of Baguio, is not very concerned about. But the stone is a rough man, at this moment was Baguio suddenly inexplicably the top a few words, depressed in the heart, but embarrassed to be angry with this pretty, charming girl, had to keep in the heart, thinking that the master had warned many times before going out, must stay away from women, saying that the most unreasonable thing in the world is women, especially beautiful young beautiful women. As soon as I saw him today, he was really like this. Master is really very wise. Zhang Xiaofan took one look at the stone and saw that he was in a trance and did not say a word, so he felt a little sorry. How did he know that this guy was sighing with emotion in his heart? He talked about the women in the world and praised his master for his wisdom and wisdom. He thought that the stone had been robbed by Baguio and was sulking. He turned his head and looked at Baguio. Seeing that she still had a cold face, he sighed and said, "Where are you going?" Baguio glanced at him, snorted, and said, "I want you to take care of it!" Zhang Xiaofan was choked back by her, unable to speak, but the heart is not too angry, after all, he went to the East China Sea Liubo Mountain, it is tantamount to her enemy, she is angry is normal. Just at this time the stone walked behind him, eyes full of sympathy, reached out and patted Zhang Xiaofan on the shoulder, a look like I understand you. Zhang Xiaofan looked at his appearance, opened his mouth wide, but for a long time he could not say a word, only felt that the scene was really embarrassing, he could not say what he had suffered, it was really depressing. At the end of that day, Zhang Xiaofan and Stone still didn't ask where Baguio was going. In fact, after a few words, they didn't dare to ask again. Anyway, they went east, but Baguio was walking in front of them. Along the way, her mood is not very good, cold words, endless, to later, Zhang Xiaofan and stone simply some afraid of her, originally two people are chatting to the happy place, see Baguio twinkling of an eye, immediately silent, or low voice, or temporarily shut up. ※※※ So walked for two days, three people to the east, came to a big city, called "Changhe city.". They walked to the city, the stone and Zhang Xiaofan asked people separately, the original Changhe city is the nearest to the East China Sea, a relatively large city. Four hundred miles east of here is the coast of the East China Sea. Three people walking in the city of Changhe, only to see the East China Sea folk houses, people's costumes, and the Central Plains are almost the same. This place was originally the hub of the East China Sea, and most of the merchants and travelers came and went here to rest and trade. But this period of time, this city has a lot of Xiuzhen people, even now they walk in the street,Low Rpm Electric Motor, also see many people dressed in different school costumes, walking around, I do not know if they are also going to Liubo Mountain. ichgearmotor.com