Our Religious Identity

  • We are Muslims of 21st century, having thoughts and ideas of new era. The Muslims leaders of last century had anticipated the future of the coming generation. The Muslims of that time had the true spirits of the love and belief. But the Muslims of this era are growing hatred among them. Thay have distorted the true teaching of Islam by spreading terrorism, by killing the fellow Muslim brothers and people of other religions by taking up arms to resolve their issues with force. They are also forgetting their religious identity. They are indulging in futile activities and they have lost the path of virtue. We do not own the true spirit of belief in Allah and his presence. We just think that offering the prayers and fasting is enough. But in reality it is not. No one is bothered to bring Muslim Ummah together. We are not true Muslims that's why Allah doesn't bestow all of his blessings upon us. Allah love his beings and in return we have to give our selves to the Creator. We should abolish the discrimination and hatred among his creation. We should endeavour at least at our level to preach happiness and love among ourselves. We should amend our ways and promise by heart that we will make ourselves the true Muslims and it should be reflected by our actions. May Allah bless everyone to fulfil the wishes of Almighty by spreading message of peace, harmonyand friendship. There should be the course of moderation but within the limits of the teachings of QURAN and SUNNAH.