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  • Nepotism in Lollywood

    Posted Nov 25 by Shayan Ahmed


    Bollywood, in general, has recently been below loads of fire. Accusations of discrimination are presently being hurled at huge directors like Karan Johar for being the flag-bearers of favoritism and discrimination, throu Read More...

  • Every Harry Potter Movie Ranked

    Posted Nov 17 by Shayan Ahmed


    As a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series, and as someone who has always been disgusted by toxic fandom – the sort that has attacked George Lucas and more recently, Rian Johnson – watching Fantastic Beasts Read More...

  • A Star is Born With no Consent

    Posted Nov 16 by Shayan Ahmed


    In every of the four versions of A Star Is Born that Hollywood has made since 1932, the story has ne'er been concerning the lady at its center — not very. Sure, she’s got dramatic moments and massive songs, Read More...

  • Learning from Current Boxoffice Scenarios of Bollywood

    Posted Nov 10 by Shayan Ahmed

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    This week saw the discharge of Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindostan and despite a best begin at the Box office, the collections of the film declined by a large margin on its second day. The approximate drop on the seco Read More...

  • Aladdin Casting Controversey

    Posted Oct 25 by Shayan Ahmed


    As you'll well have detected, Disney disclosed the forged for its live action fictional character motion picture this summer. the choices earned mixed reviews. the choice to forged Will Smith because the jinnee is maybe Read More...

  • Myopia Amaurosis Astigmatism Cataracts Darkness Andhadhun

    Posted Oct 18 by Shayan Ahmed


    To be blind is not miserable, not to be able to bear the blindness that is miserable Jhon Milton This is a review for Andhadhun the movie If it weren’t for the grim nature of the deed, a scene in Sriram Ragh Read More...

  • This Venom Lacks Poison

    Posted Oct 9 by Shayan Ahmed


    The Marvel title sequence red magazine pages flipping at high speed to reveal a company emblem whose cultural saturation is on par with the Golden Arches comes with the unspoken promise of studio-approved, franchise spec Read More...

  • Item Songs Debate, Are We Hypocrites ?

    Posted Oct 4 by Shayan Ahmed


                                         "Item Songs Show Women Surrendering to Male Gaze"         &n Read More...

  • the "morning shows" trend

    Posted Sep 28 by kinza farhat

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    There was a time when morning was meant rising sun with cool breeze and birds singing. Our morning used to start with talawat-e-Quran on PTV followed by dua at 7:30 AM, with the hope of having an amaz Read More...

  • How Meri Guriya Succeeds, But is this project Ethical ?

    Posted Sep 27 by Shayan Ahmed

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    The gut wrenching Series continues its impactful run of the story that is way too normal in the headlines of this country The drama that started out very controversial has eased its way into the audiences eyes with Read More...

  • History and Impact of Social Media Part 1

    Posted Sep 14 by Shayan Ahmed


    ''Social media is not a Fad it is a Fundamental Shift in the way we communicate'' ERIK QUALMAN Instead of defining the term social media with a group of baseless terms that would likely just complicate things furth Read More...

  • A Parwaaz With No Junoon!

    Posted Aug 24 by Saadia Muskaan Haq

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    With all the hype that was built up and all the excitement, the wait is finally over with the release of Parwaz Hai Junoon this Eid Ul Adha. Needless to point out, the film was claimed to be a story based around the even Read More...

  • Thesis Work: Content Analysis Of Muqabil, Pakistani Drama And I

    Posted Jun 25 by Rumma Akhtar


    This year I worked on a thesis on content analysis of Pakistani Drama. I chose Muqabil drama as a subject. Following is the link to all the effort which I had to go through during this thesis work. https://rummaakhtar14 Read More...

  • Review of The persuit of happyness

    Posted May 19 by Abdul Jalil


    Name; Abdul Jalil CMS; 23021 Discipline; M.Sc Mass Communication   THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS is a Hollywood Film which was released in 2006. This film is very popular regarding to it's content and the incredible Read More...


    Posted May 18 by suleman mubashir


    NAME : SULEMAN MUBASHIR CMS NO : 22141 The Pursuit of Happyness is a biographical drama, which was released in America in 2006. It is directed by Gabriele Muccino and based on the true story of Chris Gardner.T Read More...


    Posted May 18 by zoya sheikh


    THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is the movie based on a true story named Christoper garden he has had in his life, Chris Gardner has demonstrated that he is a smart man. Yet he is struggling financially in his life.  Read More...

  • Even Misspellings Have Meaning

    Posted May 18 by Ahsan Rehman


    Yes, the spelling of happiness in the title of this movie is wrong. But it's wrong on purpose, so I guess that makes it right. Supposedly, in the true story of Chris Gardner, he saw happiness spelled that way on a wall o Read More...

  • The persuit of happiness

    Posted May 17 by adnan jilani


      The persuit of happiness The movie about a father who struggled hard and works day and night to give a happy life to his children. The movie is about the relationalship of father and his son. It is struggled bas Read More...

  • The pursuit of happyness

    Posted May 16 by Fatim Fahim


    Will Smith stars in this touching story inspired by the true tale of Chris Gardner, a San Francisco salesman struggling to build a future for himself and his 5-year-old son Christopher. When his girlfriend Linda walks ou Read More...

  • The Pursuit of Happyness

    Posted May 16 by Hassan Bashir


    Name  Hassan Bashir Cms    23220 Class    Msc 2 Mass comm   The Pursuit of Happyness   This movie based on two characters. Father and his son. He lost his wife and then he spend a Read More...

  • The pursuit of happyness

    Posted May 15 by HUZAIFA RAHMAN


    The pursuit of happyness by Will Smith is an emotional, inspiring and motivational film. Gardner plays main lead role of a father he spent all of his savings on his scanners project and become homeless due to financial p Read More...

  • The Pursuit of Happyness

    Posted May 14 by Shadman haider bangash


    The Pursuit of Happyness is a 2006 American biographical drama film based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner's nearly one-year struggle being homeless. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the film feat Read More...

  • National Songs in 60's

    Posted Apr 5 by Romana Ali

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    Pakistani National songs are so catchy, it activates sentiments of a person and the sense of responsibility towards the Nation.  Patriotic Songs are so heartwarming and sum up a nation’s mood. Pakistani Singer Read More...

  • Pakistani Singers Who Made Us Proud

    Posted Mar 31 by Romana Ali


    Pakistan has been gifted with immense talent. Pakistani artists have represented Pakistan on different platforms and made Pakistan proud by showcasing their talent in front of entire world. Since independence, Read More...