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  • Aroosa Fatima Part no: 06 And the importance of family is only known by a person who does not have one. Family is essential to make an individual a human being. You do not choose your family. They are Allah’s gift to you as you are to them. So the first priority of every person is to be thankful of Allah for this beautiful relation among people that everybody should have to take it along with them. (L)
    December 13, 2018

  • Abuzar Saeed Ghazi is short film by 'Independent film project' student, Hashir Hashmi of "Riphah Institute of Media Sciences"...
    December 11, 2018

  • Nigar Shahid Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) against cybercimes. The rapid progression of creation and internet had a lot of beneficial outcome and got accommodation in our daily routine. Regardless, it originate problems that are difficult to manage for instance, ascent of new sorts of crimes. For instance, customary bad behaviors, for instance, burglary and misrepresentation attained new sort of "Computerized Crimes" through information advancement. We are looked with extending number of cyber crimes, since this development shows a basic course for culprits to achieve their destinations. Also, information advancement supports economic process of these crimes by killing country edges and making it much difficult to screen, recognize, balance or catch computerized guilty parties. With the progress in information development (IT) offenders are using the web to complete different computerized infringement. Creating examples of complex spread and Internet figuring raise fundamental request with respect to information security and insurance. Computerized structures are especially vulnerable against interference and diverse threats. Physical contraptions, for instance, detector and pointers are not satisfactory for watching and security of these establishments; therefore, there is a prerequisite for more present day IT that can exhibit customary practices and perceive abnormal ones. Those advanced insurance systems ought to be versatile and solid, and prepared to separate a broad grouping of perils and decide on ongoing choices. With the rate and proportion of advanced strikes, human participation is fundamentally not enough for time assault investigation. Actually the most framework driven advanced crimes are finished by shrewd administrators, for instance, PC worms and problems; along these lines, battling them with authorities that can distinguish, measure, and respond to computerized ambushes has transformed into a need. These alleged PC made forces ought to have the ability to manage the entire methodology of strike response advantageously, i.e. to complete what sort of wrongdoing is taking place, what the destinations are and furthermore how to compose and avoid alternative assaults. There were times when just instructed master could do advanced crimes, anyway today with the improvement of the Internet, almost anyone approaches the data and mechanical assemblies for executing these infringement. Customary settled counts have ended up being lacking against battling capably creating advanced crimes. Thats the reason we need creative systems, for instance, methods for Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provide versatility and learning capacity to programming which will help individuals in engaging advanced crimes.
    December 8, 2018