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  • My Researcher North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership Studentship Competition for 2019-20 Entry Call for Expressions of Interest and Applications in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Salford We invite expressions of interest and applications, in the Media and Cultural Studies Pathway, for full and part-time PhD The studentship covers all PhD fees, provides an annual stipend for the duration of your study (currently set at £14,777and subject to review), and access to additional funding for field research and further training. Deadline for Expressions of Interest: Wednesday 12 December 2018. The University of Salford is a member of the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP), which includes non-HE institutions such as the BBC, Home/Cornerhouse, Tate Liverpool, Opera North, FutureEverything, and FACT (Liverpool). In 2018, as part of Phase 2 of the DTP, the Partnership was awarded over £6 million of funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council The School of Arts and Media at the University of Salford has an international reputation for research, both theoretical and practice-based. The Cultural, Communication and Media research group at Salford undertakes research in the conceptual, applied and practice-based aspects of cultural, film and media studies and traditional and new digital media. CCM research has been established formally at the University of Salford since 2005. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, a quarter of CCM research was judged to be world leading, with almost two thirds judged as internationally excellent or world leading.
    Nov 12

  • Muhammad Hamza Zia Eid ul Azha Eid ul Azha is the Islamic festival of all Muslim Ummah in this world. It respects the readiness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his child as a demonstration of acquiescence to God's charge. Be that as it may, before Ibrahim could forfeit his child, God gave a sheep to sacrifice. In recognition of this, a creature is yielded and isolated into three sections: 33% of the offer is given to poor people and penniless; another third is given to relatives. In Islamic calendar Eid ul Azha falls on 10th of Zilhajj. During Eid al-Azha, distributing meat amongst the people, chanting the takbir out loud before the Eid prayers on the first day and after prayers throughout the three days of Eid, are considered essential parts of this important Islamic festival. Men, women and children wear finest clothes to perform Eid Prayer and celebrate this holiest festival. I woke up at 6.30 AM took bath and went for Eid prayer at 7.00 AM along with my father. Imam Masjid taught us in his khitaab to respect each other, he prays for solidarity of the Nation; he prays for poor, he prays for all Muslim Ummah for being united. After Namaz e Eid, at 10.30 AM butcher came for slaughtering our Qurbani animals. We free from our qurbani at 4.30 by separating meat for our relatives, poor and neighbours. Our Eid was spent with full of joy, happiness, fun and enjoyment. After that get together with all relatives started.
    Aug 26

  • Yamna Irshad GLOBAL WARMING Global warming is the average temperature of Earth has increases since 1950 until now the temperature continuing increasing. Global warming can also refers to climate change that causes an increase in the average of temperature. However global warming are causes by natural events and human that are believed to be contribute to increase in average temperatures. Global warming is a serious issue and is not a single issue but a number of environmental issues. Global warming is a rise in the surface temperature of the earth that has changed various life forms on the earth. The climate has continuously changing for centuries. The global warming happens because the natural rotation of the sun that changes the intensity of sunlight and moving closer to the earth. Volcanic eruptions are another issue that causes global warming. For instance, a single volcanic eruption will release amount of carbon dioxide and ash to the atmosphere. Once carbon dioxide increase, the temperature of earth increase and greenhouse trap the solar radiations in the earth. These activities cause excessive amounts of carbon dioxide to set off into the atmosphere, which in turn prevent heat from escaping the earth and slowly cause our ozone layer to deplete. Burning of fossil fuels is the most common example of carbon dioxide release. Humans burn these natural resources in order to obtain gas necessary for transportation methods. Gas is needed in nearly all automobiles, buses, planes, and trains. In addition, vehicles also produce exhaust, further polluting the air. Deforestation augments the greenhouse effect as well. Plant life engrosses carbon dioxide just as humans take in oxygen. When land is cleared, a great deal of vegetation is removed along with it. When land is cleared, a great deal of vegetation is removed along with it. Because of these actions, carbon dioxide that remains unabsorbed by plants is left in the atmosphere. Another gas by the name of methane is also harmful to the environment. Methane is also a greenhouse gas. Methane is more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere that carbon dioxide by 20 times. Usually methane gas can release from many areas. For instance, it can be from cattle, landfill, natural gas, petroleum systems, coal mining, mobile explosion, or industrial waste process. Human influence has been a very serious issue now because human do not take care the earth. Human that cause global warming are more than natural causes global warming. Human influence has been a very serious issue now because human do not take care the earth. Human that cause global warming are more than natural causes global warming. The earth has been changing for many years until now it is still changing because of modern lifestyle of human. Human activities include industrial production, burning fossil fuel, mining, cattle rearing or deforestation. The greenhouse gases will stay in the atmosphere for many years since hundreds years ago. However, the effect that global warming will cause on earth are extremely serious. There are many effects that will happen in the future if global warming continues. That includes polar ice caps melting, economic consequences, warmer waters and more hurricanes, spread of diseases and earthquake.It also affects the economics of the country. However, we need to be reduce the global warming by using less gasoline, recycle and human should help to reduce global warming instead of making the earth temperature increased. Our generation should start taking care of the earth because in the next generation they will suffer if we do not do reduce global warming. Therefore, global warming is a serious issue now. As a business student we are learning it because we need to understand the effect of climate change that will affect us when we have our business and we can start saving the earth.
    Nov 4

  • Aroosa Fatima Part no: 03 Being poor is a hard work. Being poor means that every worry is secondary to money. Every experience is centered on the money. We do future plannig, do investments but when you're an indigent none of these matters as your priority is not about nourishing your future but your present. You've to plan for right now. They buy the thing that they could get in least amount of money. Being poor makes you frugal. Priority is the prize not comforts values or needs. Infect Poverty is one of the biggest failure in our culture. Alas we people donot understand how they has to encounter and abide on daily basis. This issue is undoubtedly very important but nothing has been done to terminate this evil. Their void never gets filled. "‎It’s easy for us to assume that the people around us are all living with the same resources we have. But that isn’t always true."
    Nov 3