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  • Manza Kanwal Ongoing insurgency by autonomy seeking Baluch groups: a critical analysis of crisis management in Baluchistan Crisis management is a very necessary part of resolving the issues as that arise from a certain conflict. What crisis management is? Crisis management is the process by which an organization deals with a dispute or an unexpected event. In the case of Baluchistan, it is one of the biggest province of the Pakistan. Which is rich in natural resources including chromite, marble, gold ,gas and petroleum. But it has remained one of the poorest provinces in Pakistan. Conflict in Baluchistan has long history since 1947, first conflict arose in 1948. Basically, it is an conflict between the inhabitants of Baluch people and government of Pakistan. Crisis in Baluchistan is increasing day by day, Baluch people have never had their requires representation in politics.they are not getting their rights properly, Unequal distribution of resources is one of the major factor of conflict. All of these reasons works in the favor of insurgents they gets the sympathy of the local population by manipulating them. Also, the mismanagement of the government has intensifies the insurgency and poorly management of crisis increased the gap between local population and state. Government policies worked as fuel for the Baluch people. But nationalism is still alive in the heart of Baluch people. Government should start a process of dialogue with the local tribes to resolve all the conflicts.
    December 4, 2018