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  • Azm News News Monitoring January 4, 2019. 1: The Prime Minister Imran Khan said so while addressing Turkish industrialists and traders at a ceremony in Ankara. He stressed the need for promoting bilateral trade between Pakistan and Turkey. "We will provide all facilities to foreign investors in Pakistan, we are making business easy for them," Khan said. He said Pakistan was establishing industrial zones with the help of China, adding that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would boost trade activities in Pakistan. The prime minister pointed to investment opportunities in oil, gas and mineral explorationin Pakistan. "There have been immense opportunities in Pakistan with regard to tourism," he said, noting that half of the world's highest peaks are in Pakistan. Khan further said his government was fully focused on improving governance in the country. 2: “President Alvi said; “The purpose of the 18th amendment was to give autonomy to the provinces so they can perform better and increase their capacities, and if there is something missing, it can be improvised. He said the federation has a role to play and it should have an upper hand in certain areas. “There are agreements with other countries on which the federation is the signatory. The federation should guide on those subjects,” he added. The president said for the first time in the history of the country, all the three institutions – the civil leadership, the judiciary and the military – are on the same page. The government, judiciary, and the army are working in full harmony, he added. 3: Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar said on Thursday that the federal government has not been restrained from building hospitals in the provinces adding that the “parliament did not debate on the 18th Amendment before passing it.”In a hearing conducted at the Supreme Court regarding the transfer of trust hospitals after the 18th Amendment, the CJP stated that if a building is located in a province, it doesn’t mean that it has been transferred to that province. “All over the world amendments are debated upon before being passed as laws,” he remarked adding that no debate took place on the 18th Amendment. 4: Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Thursday visited the head office of Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL).The COAS was briefed on the company’s management and performance in related fields, said an Inter-Services Relations (ISPR) press release issued here. Mari Petroleum is the 2nd largest gasproducer in the country with cumulative daily production of 100,000 barrels of oil. The COAS appreciated the contributions of MPCL towards national economy, especially their plans for diversifying the business and for contributing back to the society in education and sports. 5: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) today, Friday, has summoned Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and former Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah in Malir River land case, on January 4.According to details, NAB has extended the investigation of the case in which CM Murad Ali Shah has already appeared before the court. The government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is already demanding the resignation of Sindh Chief Minister Sayed Murad Ali Shah. On the other hand, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has arrested former deputy commissioner of Malir, Kazi Jan Muhammad, for his alleged role in the illegal disposal of 27 plots that belonged to the government, a press statement by the anti-graft watchdog said on Thursday. 6: Pakistan Current weather forecast including temperature: 13°C Cloudy 7: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Thursday has seized properties of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF) worth Rs3.5 billion in an ongoing money laundering case. According to FIA, at least 29 properties of KKF located in different areas of Karachi have been seized for transactions with fake names. FIA maintains that these properties of Khidmat-e-Khalaq foundation were purchased using extortion money. The federal institution informed that the money gained from these properties was either transferred to London banks through facilitators or was given to the families of deceased and imprisoned workers of the party.Sohail Mansoor, Babar Ghauri and Ahmad Ali are among the facilitators who transferred the money to London. MQM-Bahadurabad while expressing serious concern has summoned a consultative meeting over FIA’s action. 7: Bahira Town counsel Aitzaz Ahsan, who had filed the miscellaneous petition on Thursday, told a three-member SC bench today that private banks all over the country have sealed his client's accounts on the orders of the State Bank of Pakistan. "Due to accounts being sealed, the release of Bahria Town employees' salaries and other development work has ceased," the counsel said. "Malir Development Authority's accounts have also been frozen."
    Jan 4

  • Huzefa Bin Nisar Sensationalizing Serious Issues Shows delineate reality from various perspectives and there is no denying the way that lamentably there are a lot of indecencies in our general public. It is the obligation of the show producers to guarantee that while introducing genuine and delicate subjects, their thought process ought to be "instruct while they engage". At the point when the fundamental motivation behind such shows is getting open consideration and not to illuminate and bring issues to light then the real message is lost. An excessive number of Tragedies In A Single Drama Aisi Hei Tanhai, Haiwan, Meri Gurya, Beti and Balaa are a portion of the dramatizations in which the most stunning advancements were appeared in the initial couple of scenes. As though these stuns were insufficient, the watchers were additionally appealed into viewing these dramatizations by demonstrating promotions which 'guaranteed' significantly more 'activity' in the up and coming scenes. Aisi Hei Tanhai basically secured how critical it was for ladies to be watchful seeing someone yet it wound up appearing single underhandedness which exists – assault in a healing facility, a mother harming her girl and the manner in which the general public treats a lady who has no place to go. In show sequential Haiwan, the man who assaulted and killed the young lady, her sister wound up getting hitched to the attacker's child and accordingly for a very long time lived in the house where her sister was covered. In the as of late disclosed dramatization sequential Beti, the mother turns the ventilator off and actually kills her infant in the second scene. The other girl is captured in the fourth scene! Essentially every one of these accounts depended vigorously on one stunning and annoying catastrophe after the other. That was the fundamental fascination in these shows and the instructive estimation of these shows was certainly undermined as a result of it. Every one of these shows were advanced like they were for the most part going to feature vital social issues and will be more instructive than engaging. The execution anyway was with the end goal that unmistakably the fundamental target of the makers was to tempt the watchers by sensationalizing these issues as opposed to introducing the story in a respectable way. Sociopaths and Rapists On The Loose Indicating such characters in dramatizations is right however when consistently dramatization has somewhere around one insane person who is typically additionally the attacker and he truly runs the show then the show creators are not carrying out their responsibility right! Such shows don't bring issues to light or compassion however they desensitize the watchers. At the point when consistently dramatization indicates kids and ladies being assaulted and killed, such shows don't have a greater goal, at that point in all actuality they are just effectively the watchers by utilizing such subjects Liquor abuse, The Ultimate Escape ARY Digital can be marked as a guilty party with regards to advancing drinking in wretchedness or when you hit the absolute bottom. It is something that can be seen truly in each other show that affectation on ARY nowadays. The dramatization creators are presently trying to demonstrate that the main way one can adapt to the misfortune is by depending intensely on liquor since it helps in desensitizing the agony and there's no other alternative. We are never under any circumstance appeared one can discover quality in such desperate conditions or they attempt to leave this period of gloom with the assistance of family or companions, rather it is basically proposed that the main thing that can help is liquor. In Koi Chand Rakh when Umair experiences a deplorability, he drinks. In Balaa when Junaid loses his first spouse, he beverages and keeps on drinking so much that he winds up killing his second wife while he's inebriated. Not just Junaid, his hireling Yaqoob additionally beverages to give Junaid some organization. In Haiwaan, Hameed drinks so much that he winds up assaulting a young lady. In Khud Parast, Moeez is a womanizer who can't stand his better half thusly he appears at his doorstep alcoholic each and every night. Despite the fact that the channel conceives that by setting up a ticker that states 'sharab noshi haram hai' they are doing their open administration work splendidly yet it is crazy that they are totally oblivious of the way that visuals leave a greater effect as opposed to a composed cautioning. On the off chance that they are simply so cognizant about it being restricted, for what reason wouldn't they be able to quit making such situations where the character needs to depend on liquor by snare or by evildoer? It actually appears as though they are making individuals resistant to this insidiousness and are desensitizing the watchers towards the individuals who drink by inferring it as something ordinary which it unquestionably isn't. Pessimism Rules And Oppressors Are Powerful The show producers at ARY have faith in giving excessively capacity to their negative characters, to such an extent that they neglect to draw a line and keep up an equalization. The greater part of the shows that have such characters wind up resembling an uneven match on the grounds that the oppressors forces the minds and the abused are for all intents and purposes cerebrum allowed to come to an obvious conclusion or if nothing else accomplish something to stop the persecution. Balaa is one such precedent where Nigar has never been gotten and proceeds with her ways Tragically Balaa is being incorporated for instance each and every time except for all the wrong reasons. In Koi Chand Rakh, Ms. Prude gets treated like a doormat, nobody in the whole world is faithful to her however she doesn't comprehend this essential thing. Rabail's oppressors Zain and Nishal have all the power and they have officially chosen her destiny. In Haiwaan, the attacker presently has his significant other on his side who notwithstanding knowing his filthy mystery it not opening her mouth to do ideal by the group of the young lady who passed on. Separation, Divorce, Divorce In each and every show of ARY Digital nowadays, one couple or alternate gets separated, it is an absolute necessity and on the off chance that it doesn't occur, the dramatization is inadequate. In the event that several has a dangerous start or relationship, it is a done arrangement that their relationship will wind up in a separation. There doesn't appear to be a solitary dramatization nowadays that is without separate in light of the fact that our journalists don't have confidence in demonstrating such couples who stuck together despite seemingly insurmountable opposition. It is additionally strange that they unite two individuals in a conjugal relationship who are not good appropriate from the earliest starting point since then they depend on their tragedies to advance the story and when they get the chance to separate each ounce of mirch masala from their hopeless condition, they indicate them going separate ways and endeavoring to get the pieces over the most recent 10 seconds of the simple last scene. What are your considerations about the antagonism which is by all accounts the focal point of consideration in pretty much every other show being circulated on ARY Digital? Don't you feel they ought to be increasingly sensible and careful while managing touchy subjects? Do share your considerations about it.
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