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  • Anam Shahid RADIO...A SURVIVOR Media and forms of communication have both evolved a lot in the past few years. There was a time when it took days and months for the information to travelfrom one place to another. The most common and easy way of the dissemination of a piece of information was by the word of mouth. Then, other various methods of communication were invented; telephone, telegram etcetera and they made the lives of the people easier. After these inventions, a medium of communication and disseminating information was invented and was called “radio”. Radio used air waves to transfer the message from one place to the other. Radio was then used to make announcements at the national level, for informing the audience and the general public. Radio not only worked as a tool for transmitting information and news to the people but also as a means to provide the audience with entertainment and not only that but it also served as a means of pass-time. Radio was and still is one of the most important forms of media and communication. There was a time when radio was the only form of medium that was used for entertainment, every household owned at least one radio as it was commonly used at every household. There were shows for every age group at different hours of the day. Radio aired music shows, plays, dramas, news bulletins and news segments were also a part of the airing schedule. Radio still exists but its popularity has decreased as compared to the previous times. The popularity of radio has certainly decreased due to the advancement of technology and the introduction of alternate methods and technologies. The demand of the other technological modes of communication and media has increased and is more as opposed to that for the radio. When Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947, radio Pakistan was the first radio channel that announced Pakistan’s independence. Radio held a lot of importance in the lives of the people back then. It was the main source of news along with the newspapers and weekly magazines. Before the advent of television and all other sorts of electronic media, radio was considered to be the main source of information, news and entertainment. Even today in some countries radio holds the same importance; it has not been completely forgotten and replaced by the other forms of electronic media rather it is used alongside all the other media and is still considered as one of the important forms of media. For instance, America; it is the superpower of the world and is one of the most developed countries but when it comes to using media it uses not only television and print media but also radio and gives it as much importance as to the other methods of communication and media platforms. In America, radio works as an active part of the media and is as developed and functional as the other media and the radio stations there are in such good condition. They use radio as well as television and print media to make announcements whether it is a public service message or a message about something that is going to happen or to keep public informed about a certain issue or happening, in everything radio plays an active role in the transmission of information and news. Even during the elections, election campaigns are broadcasted on radio and the results are also announced on the radio. And radio is not only for information but is also still used for entertainment. In 2015, 91 percent of the people of United States were reported to have tuned into the radio stations while they were driving to work in the morning or when they were driving back home in the evening. According to some reports, some years ago the amount of radio listeners had dropped mainly due to the arrival of many other alternates including iPods, and downloadable links for songs and easy access to music and news through other media. But in 2015, the amount of listeners increased to 91 % of the population of the United States of America. They even have community radio which serves different communities and are usually non-profit. They allow the people of the communities to tell their stories. The community radio stations are operated and managed by the communities they serve and work in. Community radio stations work for the development and betterment of the communities often collaborating with NGOs or such organizations that are willing to help or play a role in the development of the communities. Not only America but other countries like France, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Ireland, United Kingdom and Canada also have community radio stations. This proves how important radio is in the lives of the people of the western countries and how influential it can be if it is used correctly and with the right approach. Now let’s talk about the importance and the condition of radio and radio stations in Pakistan. In our country, radio has become the least important and the least used form of media in the course of past few years. People have found other alternatives to radio which are more easily available. Internet has become a rage in the youth and the use of internet has made the radio a rather redundant form of media. Radio is struggling and fighting hard to remain in the race of the media and is still adjusting to the advent and invention of internet and other modern forms of media. Now people have TVs, and social media and internet to get information and entertainment. There was a time when people only had radio as a means to listen to the music then records, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, music players, and CD/DVD players came and they became a sensation among the people. After that, came iPods, iTunes and such things that made access to music easy. Many people say that listening to radio makes them feel like they are not in control of what they are listening to since they do not get to choose what song they want to listen to; listening to the music from their phones and downloaded music gives them control and they themselves get to choose what song they want and what they do not want to listen to. It is not only radio that is suffering but also the radio stations; they are also in a bad condition in our country.The radio stations are not properly maintained and managed anymore. The staff is not paid as they should be and the radio stations face a lot of negligence from the government as well as from the public and the people who work there. Pakistan never had any community radio stations or non-profit radio stations. We should establish the community radio stations and should try to revive the radio of our country. We all know that Pakistan is on its way to revive its cinema and film industry but we all forget how important radio is and it should also be given importance and attention to revive our radio to its true form and make it one of the main stream mass medium of our country again alongside the other modern forms of media. There was time when anyone who was new to media used to be thrilled to work at a radio station and to begin their career through radio but now radio jobs do not excite the media newbies as it used to. Radio has lost its respect and popularity over the years. Though there are some people who still tune into the radio every day or every once in a while but the ratio is significantly less. The people who work at the radio stations are not given the pays they deserve and they are often found doing other part time jobs to make both ends meet. The radio stations are in the buildings that are old and not well taken care of. The workers there are not provided with enough facilities and their state and the state of the radio stations in most of the cities of Pakistan is not very impressive and is rather pitiful and bad. Radio is supposed to be a very influential part of the media and is supposed to play the role of not only informing but also educating, entertaining and helping the citizens and general public in opinion making and acting on it. We should as a nation make conscious and collective efforts to revive our radio and to better the condition our radio stations are in. Radio can prove to be very significant for the new media students who are all set to set foot in the field of media and for voice artists as well. It can be a medium of learning and practicing the skills before actually going on television. Radio should not be treated as a replaceable medium as it is still surviving against all the odds and is proving that it is not as replaceable as some thought it to be. Revival of radio can be very beneficial for not only the people who work in radio stations and media but also for the society.
    Oct 6

  • Asghar Ali وزیراعظم عمران خان سے او آئی سی کے سیکریٹری جنرل ڈاکٹر یوسف العثیمین کی ملاقات، ملاقات میں باہمی دلچسپی کے امور اور مسلم امہ کو درپیش چیلنجز پر گفتگو، وزیر خارجہ شاہ محمود قریشی، سیکرٹری خارجہ تہمینہ جنجوعہ اور سعودی عرب میں پاکستانی سفیر ہشام بن صدیق ملاقات میں موجود۔
    Sep 19