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  • Aisha Fakhar ADVANTAGES AN DISADVANTAGES OF MOVIES Films or movies,we all have been watching them since the advent of cinema and television in our lives.In earlier there was just a national channel which shows movies on weekends saving you the effort of going to the hall.Then we had cable television,a whole lot of movies to watch English,Hindi,Punjabi ets. ADVANTAGES ENTERTAINMENT::Movies are a source of popular entertainment.From the moment we indulge in watching a movie,we are transformed in to a new world where our mind is at ease,it forgets everything an is concentrated at watching.Everybody wants to relax and amased. SOCIALISING ACTIVATORS::Films are social activators,the allow even unknown people to mingle with each other.We have opinions about movies and these also help in socialization through conversation and debates. FILMS EDUCATE US::Films are a platter of various disciplines,they show us history,culture,science,technology,politics and lot more.These disciplines are not confined to one particular region,these educate us on varying geographical regions,across various timelines. ART FORM::Films inspire us in more than ways that we can imagine.Some profound inspirations are given to us by inspirational movies.Fims inspire us to be brave,clever insightful,experimental,loyal,determined and other virtues which make us positive minded. DISADVANTAGES MOVIES PROFESS VIOLENCE::There is no denying that movies today are more violent than ever before.It is clear with the shooting at schools by kid and teenagers that they are heavily influenced by violence shown in movies. Sum of the movies have adult content in it which spoils the college going students,these movies not only spoils their mentality but change their thinking as well. People learn more habits like smoking and drinking which are showcased in almost all the movies.This is definitely a big concern as the major audience of the movies is the adult and get carried away with the stuff done by their favourite actors. A few movies even have a provoking message which creates conflict among the people thus disturbing the harmony of the place as well as country. So it is very important that the film makers understand that values of movies in peoples life and make sure that the right theme is projected.This will not only change in the society but also help the people in living a happy life.Movies are just a mirror for us and there fore we should grab the positive things from rather than learning towards the negative ones.So watch good movies that inspire you and bring a change in your life..
    Mar 7

  • Amna Waqar China Development Model: Communication Strategies in Pakistan
    December 28, 2018