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  • Palwasha Mushtaq So, I was planning something really special for an Eid post but my day has been one of the worst ones of this year yet and all I want to do is stay in bed and not get up ever again. But this is, however, something I think needs to be said. It’s Eid: one of the happiest occasions of the year where families come together and it’s celebrated with all the joy and fervour one can manage. But despite being a happy day, it’s not exactly that for a lot of people. In between the sacrifices and the family reunions, there’s some of us who are struggling to get through the day even. I woke up today and seeing all the people here celebrating and spreading positive vibes, I got excited for it all as well even though I wasn’t too into the Eid vibe before. So I got dressed, I made an effort to look good for the day. Until all of that effort went down in tears and this intense despair took over because of how the day was turning out to be. And what I desperately wanted was to have someone check up on me and be here. But it’s Eid! Everyone has responsibilities, people are busy. And that’s honestly perfectly understandable. Amid all our celebrations, we forget to ask about others. What I want you to do is to take 5 minutes out. On your happiest of days, take 5 minutes out and check up on your friends, the people you care about, the people you love. Just check up on them. Yes, it’s a busy day. But 5 minutes won’t cost much. It will make a huge difference to the other person, though.We’re so happy sometimes that we forget that we don’t exactly know what the other person is feeling or going through. Be considerate, loves. And be kind. Especially during days like this. You don’t know who might be in need of it. With that said, I hope you had a great day filled with lots and lots of happiness and laughter. And I pray this day brings you more peace and love.
    Aug 27