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  • Abdul Jalil Aggression of God Almighty; There are many versus in the Holly Koran about the torment of human on earth. The only torture and aggression of God Almighty upon Muslims today is very visible in the form of uncertainty and civil war. Even though the civil war inside the Muslim countries are the kind of imposed wars by other powers to oppress Muslims and to take away their resources whereas the Arab nations are equally responsible for their current state of failures. The struggle to survive for the west means nothing but pulling the trigger And blowing the head off of the think-tanks in Muslim countries and to occupy more space but in the case of Muslims, the only survival is to follow the teachings of Islam. The teaching of Holly Koran and prophet Muhammad(SAW) are not only showing the Muslims to live a peaceful life, it also gives the way how to proceed and progress in life. Since western culture and political wrongdoings have paralyzed the Arab springs by replacing their innovative culture with fundamental Islamic values and culture, the Muslims have forgotten to refocus on teachings of Islam. This huge shift from an ordinary Muslim to immediately a globalized, modern minded and liberal Muslim has made the Muslim nations like " dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghaat ka". This is how, diversity is also declining with the decline of different cultures in different parts of the world. Another visible aggression of God Almighty upon the Muslim nations is the reaction of Nature. The kind of reaction where deserts are turning into rivers and rivers are turning into deserts. The flash flood in Saudi Arabia, in the deserts of Riyadh and the continues natural disasters mostly in Muslim countries are good examples of the fact that Muslims are far away in the fulfillment of the fundamental Islamic values and obligations. The hostility between the two powerful Muslim countries (Saudi Arab, Iran) followed by Yemen Civil War is not only the proven failure of Muslim countries but also gives the footprints of their inefficient hold over the middle east where most of the gulf is broken into peaces earlier before Yemen war started. After identifying their very popular enemies patrolling around their boarders or it may be appropriate to say that, sitting inside their lands are their faithful enemies who want to break them into pieces, yet Saudi Arab and Iran fighting as being unacceptable and disobedient Brothers under same shelter is a matter of shame for entire Arab Nations. The uncivilized and less educated , unorganized and less facilitated Muslim nations in the 21st century are unable to realize that their only failure in the long run of life is their lack of understanding of their faith in Islam and its practical implications. Once they have realized that their purpose of life is not competition but finding Peace and finding Love then Islam is the only religion for world peace. Natural disasters are the signals and warning from God Almighty and we should get to know that now it is time to become a united, organized and civilized Muslim community in the globe where peace, love, share and care will be the ultimate goal.
    December 8, 2018