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  • tehreem khalid NO PRESSURE, NO DIAMOND… Life is a beautiful gift but it’s not easy. Life has its own problems that we have to face. However, facing them is also not easy, it is a huge challenge to stay put and face them with all the courage and bravery. The only thing that gives us courage and bravery to fight and face these challenges and darkness that life sometimes put us through is the fact that life is beautiful as well. We have a faith that life will bring us good times as well. This gives hope. Every defeat and victory, sorrows and happiness, thick and thins and day and night are like one the two pages of leaf. Moments of accomplishment, delight, triumph and relief never come alone. All of these moments come hand in hand with by problems, despair, conquest, disappointments, depression, failures. Life is full of these moments, these moments are the combinations that make life and every human being who is alive, have to go through has suffering, failure and struggle along with ease, relief and success. This fact should also be put under consideration that life is beautiful as well and it provides us little moments and little things to celebrate. Above all, it gives us and a tinge of celebration that we are alive, that we wake up and see a shining sky and a happy sun in the morning and we see our parents, friends and siblings around us… waking up alive is nothing less than a blessing itself. But, along with this, as discussed above, one must always be mentally prepared for all the miseries that would come with the gift of being alive. Provocations and misfortunes are a part of life too. But with these difficulties there comes success and understanding about life. They teach us about so many situations and fields of life. No individual can be successful if he never faced any difficulties in life. Difficulties are to test a person’s bravery, nerve, tolerance and his true personality and mentality. If one wants to face new contests that life makes him go through devotedly and courageously, then luck and hardships are the tool. These two things make a person strong and ready to face every hardship life puts him through. We all are familiar with a proverb, “no pain, no gain”, which my dear readers, is quite true. There are zero doubts about that, that if there is no pain, no suffering, no hardship; then there can be no gain, no success, no accomplishments and no achievements. The success is nurtured and constant only if one works hard and sweats it out. Being humans, moreover being a Muslim, we are blessed to have our Holy book Qura’an 5 times a day prayers. Qura’an and namaz have solution for everything, every problem we face in our lives. Reading Qura’an daily guides us and namaaz stops us from doing wrongs. These two blessings on us are a source of mental comfort, knowledge, a sensible way out of problems and another key to success other than hard work. If a person works hard n prays and remembers Allah for success and ease on its part to achievements, his chances of getting successful increase and there is nothing that can stop him from achieving his goals. So this is nothing less than a gift that we are Muslims and we have direct guidance and contact to Allah. Thus, we should not think and consider that life is a bed of roses; we ourselves witness that thorns are also a part of life and we cannot neglect this fact. It’s important to accept thorns the same way we accept happy and beautiful side of life because those who never accept the dark side of life, when they have to face any dark time, any misery or any difficulty, they can’t take it; their mind and heart are not strong enough to go through any hard time and hence, they break down and fail. The roses in life are for the purpose to make us and make us feel satisfied. Roses also refer to success, accomplishments and almost every good thing a person can possibly think of including fulfilment of his wishes. Thorns, on the other side, remind us that our happiness, success and accomplishments can slip out of our hands like sand, anytime in life, even in the times we least expected anything bad to happen. But still, in such situations, we must choose not to get disheartened, heartbroken and disappointed but instead of that, we should always remember that the pain we go through because of thorns is momentary, it is for a short period of life and the magnificence of life, the happy times, are for long term and the bright side of life would soon overcome the prick of thorns. Those who think that life is all about roses are living in a fool’s paradise and soon they become a victim of frustration and depression. Even a person who is seem to be the happiest ever or who is seem to be living life of his choice and life of our dreams, would also have to walk through a path of thrones sometimes in his life. Its important to be mentally prepared for whatever comes in your way, good things or bad, bright thing or dark, no matter what life makes you go through, never give up, stay put, be brave, stand firm in that storm of darkness and eventually you’ll see a bright morning ahead because life is beautiful and we accept this fact, we get hope and courage to face new challenges. Every dark thing that happens in our life helps us to grow. Don’t consider it as a set back. Don’t be so hard on yourself Take a moment Marvel at your life: at the grief that softens you, at the heartache that wisens you, at the suffering that strengthened you. Despite everything, you still grow. Be proud of it.
    Mar 15

  • Tayyaba Gull Direction Techniques: Review of Pakistani Films in Digital Era. Films in Pakistan have gone through various phases. In this research the researcher has focused towards the direction techniques of Pakistani filmmakers. Researcher has conducted in depth interviews in this research with the directors. This research is qualitative in nature. The study resulted that in film direction it is important to develop logical sequence and realistic approach to be followed by the directors while production of films. The study also resulted that other important factors which makes a film popular are characters building and their performance in the film. Additionally the researcher has made documentary on this research which describes that every director has its own unique way of making films with respect to direction techniques. Introduction: In the today’s era everyone at the globe is aware about the media and its different types such as newspaper, television, drama, social media and films. Every type of media has its own importance. However here we will discuss the importance of media with respect to the films in the Pakistani society. Films Background in Pakistani Society: Films are the most suitable medium for the entertainment of the audience. The history of films in Pakistan is associated with the famous historical city Lahore which has played a great role in giving birth to this industry in Pakistan. Lahore is the city which has played a different role in Pakistani society either it is in form of political role, cultural inheritance role, historical role or the role with subject to the bringing the new industry in the Pakistani society. This city of Lahore has introduced the various scholars, writers, poets, political leaders and many more. It will be unfair to admit that Pakistani film industry has given birth too many writers, singers, directors. Short Glimpse of Cinema in Sub-Continent: Lumiere Brothers were the first one who brings the films through cinema in the Sub-continent. It was 7th July, 1896 when they run the six films without voice at Bombay hotel. In 1907 French people have shown their interest by opening a company having the film as their nature of business. This company is considered as the first foreign company in the Sub-continent. Cinema was also created in this year with the purpose to provide entertainment facility for the people of the Sub-continent in the region. In 1918 rules came into existence with having the actions like censorship and policies and procedure for the films at cinema in the Sub-continent, the action was taken by the British Government to control this emerging industry. Silent film with the catchy title “The Daughter of today” was released in Lahore in 1928. During that period cinema were also in under construction at various places in the historic city of Lahore. Most of the films that were shown in these cinemas were the local production that was done in Lahore, Bombay and Calcutta which has created the space for the nine cinema houses in the city. Only few films were shown in these cinemas which were brought from the London. As this industry was grooming the event of sub-continent partition occurred which changed the scenario of the film makers in a dramatic way as at that time main production hub of the films was the Bombay and the people who were associated with this film industry were in a difficult situation to decide whether to stay or to migrate from here Lahore to Bombay. During the period as films were mainly produced from Bombay and the equipment related to this industry was also there while the directors, filmmakers and actors in Lahore were in a deep trouble with respect to resources and infrastructure for the production of the films. People like the Rashid Atry, Nisar Bazmiand Noor Jahan were there who supported the cinema in uplifting it and film industry in Lahore, Pakistan. The movie with the title “Teri Yad” was the first movie in 1948 produced by the Pakistani film directors after getting through all the hardship that they dealt after the partition.
    Mar 9