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The Tea Harvester Machine Produced By Kawasaki Supplier Has Been Sold And Exported To Many Foreign Countries And Places With A High-Sales Volume, Which Is Trust Worthy.

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Electric tea harvester
Light and convenient, flexible operation, not limited by the terrain conditions, applicable scope: hillside, trapezoid tea garden, sporadic distribution of steep slope tea garden operation; the efficiency of platform time is about 0.3 mu / hour, more than 8 times of manual picking.
Place Of Origin: Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: Kawasaki
Model Number: EV30H
Scissor Type: Single
Length Of Blade: 300mm
Power Source: Battery,Electric Hedge Trimmers
Driving Type: Electric Machine
Motor Type: Brushless Motor
Motor Power: 200W/24V
Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity: 10AH
Charging Item/Using Time: 3H/6H/8H
Blade Length: 300mm
Blade Cutting Speed/Cutting Form: 2000r/Min/Reciprocating
Average Working Efficiency: 60-90Kgs/Hour