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Holy is a pvc wide foaming mould manufacturer,producing and selling pvc wide foaming moulds,such as pvc foam wide panel wall board moulds.Welcome everyone to purchase.

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Wide Foaming mould


Mould name:PVC Foaming extrusion Mould Steel
Material:P20/1.2311 stainless steel
Mould component:Die head
Die Lip Adjustment:Push-pull screws
Heating plate:siamesed,stailess steel semi-packed or vacuum vortex
Voltage:220V /380V (as your requirement)
Power:Within 5 KW
Heating Unit:Cartridge Heaters made of stainless steel.
Sufficient numbers to ensure uniform and proper heating of die
Fastener(Screw):12.9 High Strength (EAGLE METALWARE)
Lead day:30 working days