New World players are dissatisfied with the announced server tr

  • Amazon Games’ New World is a brand new massively multiplayer online RPG game that was launched on September 28th and was an immense success. Developers had to build dozens of servers to accommodate over 900,000 gamers. Players did not wait in long lines to join a specific server, but went to any server, hoping to transfer their roles in the future, but this is not the case. I don’t know if this move will affect the way players get New World Coins.

    A post on the Amazon New World forum details how server transfers work. A special point that caused vehement opposition from players is that the development team restricts the transfer of characters to certain areas. This means that players who join a US server but actually want to play on an EU server cannot move their characters. This is also true for West Coast American players who want to join the East Coast server, and vice versa. Players are very upset, because Amazon Games tweeted on the day when New World released that players can transfer their characters to New World Coins.

    But now Amazon Games stated that the original information they provided was incorrect. Many players have used social media to vent their dissatisfaction, and even threatened to give up playing Amazon New World forever. Recently, Amazon Games explained how people confuse about this matter and what measures it plans to take to correct the problem. Developers are studying cross-regional transfer, but there is no timetable for a solution yet. It suggests that players, from now on, they should create characters on servers in the region where they want to play.

    I don’t know how many players will leave the game world of New World because of this move, or this move will hit how many players’ development. At present, the safest way is to recreate a role on another server. As a backup, they can also Buy New World Coins from IGGM to train that role a bit, so that if the server really cannot transfer the region in the future, there will be other characters can be played.