Path of Exile: Scourge is still liked by many players

  • It has been almost two months since Path of Exile: Scourge was released. Many players are immersed in it, because the terrifying demons, imminent dangers, cool items and powerful characters have all made the players full of passion. There are also players who bought many POE Currency to enhance their abilities.

    When the player first arrived at Wraeclast, a hooded man appeared from nowhere, frightened, and asked the player for help. He encouraged players to put a rust-looking device into the body, called Blood Crucible. Players use Blood Crucible to accumulate the blood of killed enemies. When the limit is reached, players can activate Blood Crucible, which will temporarily take them into a parallel reality, where some form of doomsday event takes place.

    Corruption penetrates into this reality, and if the player wanders for too long, he will suffer more damage. Players put items into Blood Crucible to control this corrosion. After absorbing enough corruption, players can convert their items to get powerful upgrades. Players who have tried it should know that POE Currency plays a very important role in the game.

    It is an arduous task to kill demons and create outstanding characters. Players can spend POE Currency to buy powerful weapons, or choose to cooperate with teammates. Players can go to their guild hideout with the team to collect the items they need.

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