• In honor of the holiday weekend, we thought it had been only fitting to feature with this most patriotic wedding yet! Our stunning bride Kelly and her handsome husband Zac went full-scale for their July 4th wedding in Indianapolis.

    How have you met your fiancé?

    I met my hubby during my interview at Ohio University. I was interviewing to have an assistant coach position for softball and he was the strength and conditioning coach for softball, baseball, basketball, and football so he was a part of my interview process. I took the task and the rest was history!

    Tell us concerning the proposal!

    Zac had just taken a brand new job in a facility down in Florida and we were attempting to go to some of our favorite local places before the move. He was getting somewhat decked out for dinner that was a little uncharacteristic...then your shirt he desired to wear was dirty so he got mad that was weird too!! We went to dinner and saw another coach who desired to have a drink before our move so as we ate we went upstairs to talk. I could tell he was beginning to get just a little antsy and lastly wrapped up. He said he desired to catch the sunset in a lake/park close by. He was driving very fast and parked in a spot I had never visited. He said I was gonna continue a walk. On the walk, he was able to run into multiple branches and obtain pricked by some thorns. Then we walked through more vegetation where he'd a picnic table set up with the ring plus some champagne. He got recorded on one knee while his friend was hiding within the trees in camo and discrete his dog to become apart from the proposal. He also was built with a photographer hiding within the woods but due to our drink in the restaurant we missed the sunset and that he didn't bring a flash! He was funny because now I knew why he am antsy to leave due to his plans! Click

    How have you chosen the place for your wedding?

    Our choices were minimal because my loved ones are so large. I am among eight kids and my mom may be the oldest of 14. My family alone is near to 150 people, therefore, the thought of a little wedding was not within the works. We also both like historical architecture and old-fashioned craftsmanship and woodworking. The Scottish Rite Cathedral had all this and was a simple choice! We needed somewhere that may accommodate us and allow us to bop and possess a great time!

    How have you decided on your bridesmaid's dresses?

    My sisters were built with a lot to do using the dress choice. I was up for not after choosing July 4th as our date I knew we'd to go with blue, white, and red bridesmaid dresses. I just desired to make sure everybody was comfortable and may wear it in the future.

    Who designed your wedding dress?

    I am not a big designer person so I have no idea. I wanted a "traditional" dress with at least just a little satin. Growing up and being a part of numerous of my aunt's weddings within the early 90's I always thought satin ought to be apart from the dress. So the top from the dress was satin and also the bottom was soft tulle. Many places we visited just put me in dresses which were popular at this time or what looked good on my small body.

    What was your preferred part from the day?

    I have no idea if I could name only one, the entire day was amazing! From preparing with my close friends and family to huddling up and carrying out a pre-wedding cheer, to saying our vows, towards the reception and had been just all so amazing!!

    What inspired you whenever you were planning your special day?

    I am not probably the most fashionable of sorts but we desired to go using the patriotic theme! It's not so often the fourth of July falls on a Saturday, therefore we desired to go with it. We both love America and have an American-themed room in our home. I imagine red, white, and blue are extremely classy also it would be tough to go wrong with this theme!

    What advice have you got for other brides?

    Trust your instincts, have some fun and just relax. The day passes way too quickly and while you need to plan do not get so caught up in the details. In the finish, everything works out and when something goes wrong it had been meant to become. Some of the funniest memories from the day were from mistakes, so have some fun and enjoy marrying the person of your dreams!