The rich RuneScape universe will be incredibly adaptable

  • The long-running and popular online role-play video game series RuneScape is coming to tabletop gaming with two new games that will be launched later this year OSRS Gold. Publisher and developer of video games of RuneScape, Jagex, has teamed up with tabletop-gaming powerhouse Steamforged Games to create both tablestop and a board gaming book for roleplaying games inspired by the rich fantasy the world of Gielinor.

    The two games are set to debut in 2022 and the board game going live via Kickstarter as well as the TTRPG being released to retailers. The games will take inspiration from various characters, locations and adventures from across RuneScape's rich 21-year long history, with the board game featuring up to five players in quest-based missions through Gielinor.

    They'll create and upgrade equipment, upskill their characters prepare special meals, engage with NPCs, and test their abilities while traveling through different parts across the globe, and with a variety of enticing side missions to distract and amuse them along their way.

    The TTRPG will consist of an exquisitely illustrated, hardback, core book that includes guidelines for players to play an RuneScape tabletop roleplaying game, with the possibility of creating personal characters. They can discover Gielinor and create unique and thrilling quests. The TTRPG book's core is completely compatible with rules of fifth edition of the tabletop roleplaying game.

    Phil Mansell, CEO of Jagex stated "After almost 21 years of being exclusively available on the internet, it's extremely exciting to work with Steamforged to develop and launch new RuneScape role-playing adventures to players who play tabletop games."

    Mat Hart, Creative director and CCO of Steamforged, stated: "The rich RuneScape universe will be incredibly adaptable to tabletop and board games osrs pk accounts, and by using crowdfunding platforms and other dedicated community spaces allows us to engage directly with the fans who love RuneScape in addition to Old School RuneScape throughout development."