One thing to watch out for in OTW cards FUT 23


    After a disappointing draw of 3-3 against Brighton and with more difficult fixtures on the horizon, his OTW price - three days after the release date - is currently hovering around 70k. Some savvy speculators might decide to take this time of low prices to take one and look to sell it just before the Liverpool's next game takes off FIFA 23 coins, particularly when Nunez is on the squad. If they're more reckless, they could even keep it in the game , hoping Nunez can score, however the risks are much higher.

    One thing to watch out for in OTW cards is that the upgrades are already priced in'. Everyone is aware that Man City are going to win 3/8 games to get Haaland to receive his initial OTW upgrade, for example and this is one of the reason behind his pricey in-game fee. Beware of purchasing players who will definitely get three wins with the hope that prices will rise once the time comes around. In all likelihood, that is just going to result in a lot of individuals trying to profit while simultaneously and causing the price to fall.

    In the end, Ones to Watch cards are predictable in a few ways but also unpredictable in other. Unpredictability is what is so fascinating about them. However, knowing those predictable peaks lows - investing when they're down, selling in the hype - is how you will be able to create coins from them.

    Like Jose Mourinho parking a bus buy FUT 23 coins, Watford sacking another manager as well as Jurgen Klopp moaning about fixture congestion No football season is completed without a new edition of FIFA.