New World: The Best Guide to Catching A Snail

  • New World has always been Amazon's most popular MMORPG. Although it has been criticized during its operation, it still receives praise from many loyal players, because Amazon is constantly optimizing and updating its bugs to make the experience better.

    With the New World version updated, while some players are fussing over gold caps, exploit changes, and the lack of endgame content, others are enjoying the expansive open world, with its variety of resources and crafting options. Some things have changed for some Gathering skills, Fishing is one of those abilities.

    Snails are one of the Baited quests and one of the easiest rare items for players to obtain in the new world, so there's a reason to look for them not just to complete the quest. But for novice players, it is not so simple to catch snails. How to catch snails will be the best guide provided by RPGStash for players.

    What is New World Snail

    Snails are a rare green item that is above average quality for most items caught by players. It is a freshwater creature, and shallow freshwater areas are the best places to find snails, especially marshes or grassy beaches. Snails are very useful when it comes to various crafting and refining skills, and they are used to craft the Snail Bait, which is somewhat helpful for saltwater fishing.

    How to Catch a Snail

    A Fishing Pole - A Fishing Pole is essential, the player can craft one, or easily buy one from the Trading Post. Fishing rods are divided into wooden fishing rods, Treated Wood Fishing Pole, Aged Wood Fishing Pole, Wyrdwood Fishing Pole, Ironwood Fishing Pole, from low to high levels, and the casting distance increases from 40 feet to 65 feet at a time.

    Fishing Pole Perks - The most common fishing perks that apply at specific times of day or night. Other enchantments on higher quality fishing rods include increased durability, casting distance, and the chance to catch larger, higher quality fish. Players who focus on catching snails in the new world need freshwater skills or skills that guarantee better quality. Here are the Fishing Pole Perks:

    Daytime Colossus. Gives a better chance of catching larger fish during the daytime.
    Freshwater Colossus. Gives a better chance of catching larger fish in freshwater.
    Freshwater Brawn. An increase in line strength when fishing in freshwater.
    Lucky Day. Gives a better chance of catching rarer fish during the daytime.
    Lucky Night. Gives a better chance of catching rarer fish during the nighttime.
    Moons Reach. An increase in cast distance during the nighttime.
    Nighttime Colossus. Gives a better chance of catching larger fish during the nighttime.
    Saltwater Colossus. Gives a better chance of catching larger fish in saltwater.
    Saltwaters Brawn. An increase in line strength when fishing in saltwater.
    Sturdy. Increases line durability by 10%, 20%, or 50% depending on the quality of the pole.
    Suns Reach. Increase Cast Distance during the daytime.

    Bait - Optional but helpful. Any improvement is gained by using the bait on a stacked fishing rod with any of the existing enchantments, we would of course choose to use the bait if it was available. Lures are Firefly Bait and Wood Bug Bait, which can be collected from Briar and Bush respectively. It's worth noting that Reapers and Fishermen won't receive one of these baits each time they interact with the aforementioned foliage, though it shouldn't be too hard to find after a few tries.

    Fishing Hotspots - Once characters reach a certain level of fishing, they will be able to track down various hotpots scattered across the water bodies of the vast island of Aeternum. Armed with a fishing rod and some bait, New World players can now head to the right spot to catch snails.


    Players just have to be patient and sure to catch some snails to complete half of Baited's quest. The other half of the quest calls for a similar process with the clams, and players will be ready to claim their rewards upon completion. Fans who complete the Baited quest will earn 870 XP, 78.75 Gold, 175 Reputation, and 20 Azoth in the new world. They will also receive the Worn Angler's Gloves, which may be stronger than the armor the player is equipped with at the time.

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