Warcraft's Planet of Azeroth guarded by the dragons

  • Any person could theoretically become a death knight because all it will require is a powerful necromancer who could reanimate the body with the condition that their brain and body were still intact WOTLK Gold. The most highly-ranked death knight of that time was Darion Mograine, who wielded his famous sword that was the Ashbringer following his father. He was a martyr who gave his life to free his father's spirit from eternal suffering, but Kel'thuzad raised him to in a state of eternal servitude, requiring the slain man to commit atrocious acts for the sake of the Scourge.

    Similar fates have been experienced by others death knights that cheap WOTLK Gold. A select few of these undead soldiers, the player included were eventually able to break free of the Lich King's tyranny. Darion Mograine is the very first to do so by presenting the famous Ashbringer for Tirion Fordring to show a sign of his commitment to bringing Arthas down.

    Darion established the Knights of the Ebon Blade, made up of those death knights that had regained their liberty through sheer determination, and whose understanding of the Scourge would prove crucial to the living. Death knights could aid the Horde or Alliance with their formidable frost, unholy and blood magic, to inflict havoc on their adversaries.

    World of Warcraft's Planet of Azeroth guarded by the dragons, the ancient and mysterious creatures that embody aspects of the earth they live on. The Aspect of Magic, Malygos the Spell-Weaver and his companions, those blue dragons guarded Azeroth's magical treasures for a time incomparable. Malygos was instilled by Titans with incredible power and knowledge of the vast arcane network of energy that acts as the world's very lifeblood, leylines that spread across the earth like capillaries which culminate at his lair, The Nexus.

    Yet, despite his unimaginable intellect and wisdom, Malygos heart was becoming to be twisted throughout the span throughout his lifetime cheap WOTLK Classic Gold. The blue dragon of the great blue became convinced that all the troubles of Azeroth were caused by mortals and their reckless use of magic. He determined that the dragons had to wipe out all other creatures who believed that they were worthy of the arcane.