We're here to provide impartial advice - in our opinion

  • Certain FIFA players are also fond of using the 4-3-3 as a way to line up the FIFA 23 Coins for sale midfield when they are in the process of defending a lead. They choose to place their three midfielders close to the center of the field.

    The key to 5-1-2-2 lies in the CDM. In previous editions FIFA 5-1-2, different versions of 5-3-2/5-2-5-1-2/5-4-1 didn't have an out-and out CDM. The gap between the midfield and defensive line thus created these formations as more offensive in outlook.The new system in FIFA 23, the CDM 5-1-2 has changed the formation completely. This is a system that lets your wingbacks attack and when they go forward, they will remain mostly unmarked.

    In addition to having wide flanks, you are able to attack in an uninspiring system however, defensively you're secure with a backline consisting of five players, a strong CDM and two midfielders that provide support to the defense.

    Dujan Kulusevski is one of the first Road To The Knockout SBC in FIFA 23. Yes, with an Architect this card could be lengthy. It's true that Spurs may be decent in the Champion's League. However the card is a bit costly, especially when you compare it to the Sterling SBC which went live on the same day. We will compare the two cards below.

    We're here to provide impartial advice - in our opinion, the Kulusevski card isn't worth this kind of coin. With the possibility of one or two, perhaps even three if Spurs take it to the next level, upgrades, this card is still not worth this sort of money. Let's look at this card in comparison to the Sterling Ones To Watch card from yesterday's live SBC.

    But, it's not all bad. Kulusevski is a well-rounded player and has strong 80+ stats across almost every field that is important (including an amazing 87 long shots in those wing cut-in shots), and plenty of physicality and passing. With the addition of upgrades and the complete Length stat from Architect and Architect, you'll have quite a beast of a player on your hands. It's up to you whether it's worth 200k or more this early in the game.

    We've played with Kulusevski's base card (it was first introduced in our initial Premier League team), but not this SBC version. Yes, the card can be Lengthy which makes it more practical as opposed to cards similar to this previously. Even so, we've found that a bursty pace for wingers is still more valuable. Longer is more suitable for fullbacks and wingbacks.

    Thankfully, the ninth position isn't too difficult with Vlahovi? being the obvious choice. It's the same with Di Maria is the best right winger at the club, but the situation gets a bit complicated on the opposite flank. While Kosti? is rated a bit higher, it are foolish to not begin Federico Chiesa in the left wing , which forces FUT 23 Coins players to move Kosti? to the left of the midfield three in front of Paul Pogba and just ahead of Locatelli.