How to Play Dangerous Hands in Online Poker

  • Once you start playing poker slot thailand for a long enough period of time, you'll soon realize that you have a favorite thing when it comes to the game. Now, while almost everyone loves hitting aces, there are others who claim that over time a pair of kings or queens has proven to be luckier for them than getting the best pre-flop cards in the game.

    Imagine how that works, but it really does happen. Others also have special hands that they will always play. For Texas Hold'em legend Doyle Brunson, that hand is the 10-2 hand that is now named after him, as he was responsible for winning the World Series Of Poker in 1976 and 1977.

    What is a Dangerous Hand in Texas Hold'em?

    A dangerous hand is a hand that can be overvalued by players, especially more inexperienced players, because it seems stronger than it actually is. While technically any card can be a dangerous hand, at any time when the flop, turn, and river cards are known, there are some cards that are generally viewed as more dangerous to play than others, although the reasons vary somewhat.

    In addition, the danger of a hand in poker becomes more dangerous when a player does not take the right steps in a betting round to reduce the danger that pocket cards have. This is a common mistake made by both novice and inexperienced players. A dangerous hand can cost a player a lot of money if it is not played optimally or at least well enough for most of the time.

    Finding Poker Danger Hands

    When you're looking for a dangerous hand, what are you looking for? As a general rule, a combination of weaker broadway cards (A, K, Q, J,10) and an ace can get you into trouble. This includes pairs like king-queen, king-jack, king-ten, queen-jack, queen-ten, jack-ten, ace-jack, ace-ten and ace-nine. It's easy to feel good about these hands, especially if you've been folding hand after hand.

    But the fact is that you're likely to be dominated if you take them to the river. Let's say you have jack-ten and the flop comes jack-seven-two. You've got top pair! Unfortunately, your kicker is weak. Ace-jack, king-jack, and queen-jack will all crush you. That doesn't mean you should write off dangerous games entirely. In the hands of a skilled player, they can easily put your opponent behind.

    Jack-ten, for example, may not have any showdown value, yet the flop might give you an out for a straight or flush. If your poker hand representation is strong enough, you can semi-bluff your way to victory, either by encouraging your opponent to fold by representing a strong hand or by making a draw.

    How to Play Dangerous Hands in Online Poker?

    Danger Hand Poker Strategy

    Advanced skills like situs togel poker hand representation can be overwhelming for novice players who are just getting to grips with basic poker strategy. Here are some pointers for dealing with danger hands depending on the situation you find yourself in:

    • Under the gun or in early position? Fold. Dangerous hands are too weak to open and you will most likely be second best (at best).
    • If the UTG player opens, don't call because the opponent will most likely dominate.
    • If you open in middle or late position, it is unlikely that you will be dominated, so go ahead and play (carefully).
    • If the middle player raises and you are late, you can keep your hand, depending on who the opener is. If they have the same skill level as you or less, it doesn't matter. Similarly, you should be able to defend the blinds from a raise from late position.

    Premium Danger Hands

    Some hands are too strong to really qualify as dangerous hands, but these hands often get beginners into trouble so we decided to include them.


    Known as the most dangerous hand in Texas Hold'em poker, the famous ace-king is a great example of the difference between a dangerous hand and a bad hand in poker. It's strong enough to survive in almost any spot, so why wouldn't you want to play it? The problem is that unlike ace-ace and king-king, ace-king is a draw and without improvement, will almost never win in a fight. Limp to see the flop or go in with a raise to thin the field, but be prepared to check or fold if your hand doesn't improve.


    Ace-king may be the most dangerous card in poker, but jack-jack comes in second. That's because there are so many ways they can flop. Sensible advice is to play pocket jacks as you would eight-eight or nine-nine. Put the pot in as cheaply as possible and hope to hit a set (three-of-a-kind made with two hole cards). If you don't hit a set, check and fold.