Material Classification of Balcony Furniture

  • Alloy balcony furniture: People who like metal materials should use aluminum or alloy balcony furniture that has been painted and waterproofed. Such materials can best withstand outdoor wind and rain.

    Wooden balcony furniture: Generally speaking, wooden balcony furniture is the first choice of people, but it is better to choose wood with high oil content, such as teak, which can prevent the wood from being brittle due to expansion or looseness.

    Bamboo and rattan furniture: relaxed and poetic, but attention should be paid to its maintenance, and it should be wiped and cleaned in time after being exposed to rain.

    If it is a closed balcony, you can choose a sofa. It is also a good choice to lie on the balcony and bask in the sun with your eyes closed. You can also buy a bookshelf, usually reading on the balcony is the most comfortable. If you usually have the habit of drinking tea, you can buy a coffee table. It is also a good choice to drink tea with a few friends on the balcony.

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