Is it safe to Download MetaMask Extension?

  • Before downloading any new file that you haven't used before, always be sure that you carry out research on whether or not the file is safe or if it will badly harm your system. As we know that MetaMask comes in the category of renowned crypto wallets, no doubt it is a safe wallet. However, it is pretty important for us to take a dig at things from our own end. Hence, in today's post, we'll be measuring the safety 

    aspects of MetaMask so that we can conclude whether or not you should download MetaMask extension on your browser.

    MetaMask is a decentralized crypto wallet 

    By "Decentralized" we mean that this wallet is not regulated by any centralized authority which means users are given full control over their crypto assets and they are solely responsible for the management as well as the safety of their funds. Apart from that, the wallet users are provided with features that allow them to maintain complete "Anonymity" on the Blockchain network which reduces the chances of hacking incidents. Hence, we can say that MetaMask provides us with a secure and anonymous environment to trade in the crypto ecosystem.

    It provides us with a Secret Recovery Phrase 

    When you go on to setting up your wallet, you will be provided with a secret recovery phrase that can be used for backing up the wallet and maintaining high-end security if you ever lose your login credentials. Hence, we can say that it is pretty safe to download MetaMask extension. However, if you ever lose your Secret Recovery Phrase, you will never be able to regain access to your wallet. So, anybody who has this SRP with them can access the funds stored in it.

    Allows you to enhance the security 

    The device and the browser on which you download MetaMask extension have to be encrypted with strong encryption methods so that nobody will be able to gain access to the wallets or any other important files on your device in your absence. Hence, we can say that MetaMask is pretty safe compared to other crypto wallets.

    Can be connected to hardware wallets 

    Apart from the reasons given above, MetaMask also allows you to connect your wallet to other hardware wallets which means you can easily multiply the safety standard that you have applied to your wallet. The best wallets to which you can get your wallet connected are the Ledger wallet as well as the Trezor wallet. Once you have connected these wallets, you can enjoy complete peace of mind because of the top-notch security features that come aligned with your wallet.


    To summarize the read, we can say that it is pretty much safe to download MetaMask extension or the app on your device. I hope, after reading this blog post, all the queries in your mind have been cleared by now and you'll be able to decide whether or not you want to go ahead with MetaMask wallet. If you still have doubts, I would suggest you give it a try and you'll be able to come to a conclusion.