How to send crypto from Guarda Wallet to another wallet or to y

  • As we know there are several crypto wallets present among us and choosing one out of that unique wallet is surely a tricky task. The first thing that you need to understand in this regard is that we are here taking into consideration the Guarda Wallet because of the wide range of features that it provides to its users. This wallet is popular as one of the most powerful wallets that is highly secure and is a non-custodial wallet in nature.

    Within the wallet, you cannot only store crypto assets but you can also buy, store, and exchange those cryptocurrencies pretty easily. Not only that, you will also be glad to know that this wallet provides support for more than 50 blockchains and also lets you store more than 10,000 crypto tokens.

    Within the wallet, there is an in-built exchange which makes this wallet quite unique as compared to other wallet services. In addition to that, users can also swap tokens without making much effort. Those users who want to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat money can also use this wallet to do the same because it allows you to buy assets using a debit or a credit card. Now, that we know enough about this wallet, it is time to come straight to the point i.e. learn to send crypto from your Guarda Wallet to another wallet address or to yourself.

    Steps to send crypto to another address 

    If you are willing to transfer some crypto assets from your wallet to another wallet address, then make sure that you are ready with the wallet address of the recipient. If you have the address, then you can apply the steps as we have explained here:

    1. Well, you can begin the process by opening the Guarda wallet and signing into it
    2. After that, go to the "Send" tab from the main screen
    3. Then, choose the crypto asset that you wish to send
    4. On the given form, you can stay on the "To address" section
    5. Further, enter the wallet address of the recipient or scan their QR code using the given option
    6. After that, choose how many of the selected tokens you wish to send
    7. In the advanced menu section, you can set the gas price, gas limit, and nonce

    Review the details that you have entered in each column and you can finally select the "Send" option on the confirmation window.

    To send crypto assets to your wallet 

    All you need to do is switch to the "To My Wallet" section on the "Send" window. After that, you can select a particular wallet from the available ones. In the next screen, you can choose your token, and the amount of token, and fill out the details in the "Advanced menu."


    By following the guidelines given above, you can surely send crypto assets from your Guarda wallet to yourself or to another wallet address. The steps you need to follow are very simple and even a beginner can apply these steps to transfer crypto assets easily.