Custom-made Brass Pipe Fittings - CNC Machining Brass Parts - C

  • Brass Pipe Fittings are common connector for devices and products, it is made of brass material by CNC machining process or forging process. Brass is one of the most important material for CNC machining parts. Due to brass material features of durable and non-rust and resilient soft and enough strength, it is most suitable to produce as fitting parts.

    Brass fittings are easily machined because of its material soft feature, so it is easy to make different structures of fittings which meeting various demands on connection structure. Our custom-made brass fittings totally follow clients technical drawings in structure and tolerance. Brass fittings brings many advantages on connector using: Beautiful looking of its gold color; Long durable using; Corrosion resistance; Complex structures available; Multi processes compatible; Surface treatment applicable, etc.

    Asianstar produces brass pipe fittings for clients with long term experience. We use turning or turning-milling or forging processes to carry out brass pipe fittings, we also apply electroplating or other finishing treatments on brass fittings surface according to components requirements.