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  • Turning Shaft is one the most common CNC turning parts. It is made of metal or plastic materials by CNC turning process in high precision or by forging process in low-required tolerance.

    Turning shaft is normally made of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum or plastic materials. The material of turning shaft are chosen according to the function of the product. Shaft is a fixing center for rotating action of the product, which is key component for positioning and stability of product.

    Turning shaft is easily made out by CNC turning process, different material shaft use different cutter and turning lathes. And also different finishing treatments are applied due to its function demands.

    The concentricity, smoothness, strength, tolerances are most important indexes for turning shaft quality because it is working for rotating action. If the concentricity and accuracy requirements are low and demand in huge qty, we can also choose forging process to produce turning shaft shape and then CNC turning on the details of forged shaft.

    Asianstar produces many different kinds of turning shaft by long term with experiences. We understand very well on shaft materials, shaft functions and its quality standards and related finishing treatments. We have great advantages to produce turning shaft due to our abundant facilities and experienced skills.