Lollywood the Growth

  • Lollywood which ruled the screens in 80's and 90's suddenly disappeared into dark in early 2000's. Industry that was touted as on of the bests in the world almost got extinct. Although there were a few films still releasing but those were unwatchable due to their content. This was the time when Bollywood movies started making their way into Pakistani people heart and into the industry revenue.

    The industry was almost extinct and the cinema culture was dead but Bollywood movies started to attract the audience and critics alike into the cinemas. After almost 12 years of hiatus producers started taking interest in making local movies that is when Khuda kay liye eventually came that changed the most of the world's perception about the lollywood. It became a critical and commercial success and restored everyone's faith in the film industry. Investors became more confident in local content and due to modern technology and huge youth comers and the backup from the massively successful Drama industry lollywood was on the brink of success again. Waar (A 2013 film) became a real deal when it grossed about 21 crores only in Pakistan. Seeing huge profits investors were already sold and the performances of movies like Bin roye and Janaan in the international markets the industry was more than ready to conquer the world. Not only the profits but Pakistani movies have been receiving great praise from the world's critics due to their mature content. Every year movie is sent to the Oscars and last year Moor (A film directed by Jami) almost made it into top 5 which was huge deal considering the amature industry that lollywood is. Many film festivals around the world honor these films every year and Pakistani is gaining cult following again after long hiatus.

    The another reason pakistani cinema has been widely succesful in bringing audiences back to the cinema is its diverse content. Lollywood has been churning out movies of all kinds and genres and for all generations whether it be the children, youth, families or niche audiences. All the people are happy with the given content and are trying to support the cinema by flocking to theatres. 

    Our animation sector is also doing quite well with 3 bahadur already being a big franchise with big names and profit attached to it but Allah yaar also surprised many with its mature and diverse content. Our animation may not be the beat or on par with Disney and Pixar but it is on its way with the likes of Donkey kind yet to be released already raising steaks high with its great animation

    This year has been outstanding for the cinema as 3 films has crossed 30 crore mark which is an industry record in itself but one also crossed 60 crore mark at the worldwide box office not only did the movies did great with audiences and boxoffice almost all of them were critics approved with international and national critics showering praise.

    Now almost 20 lollywood films release of variety of content for every audience. Industry that was non existant a few years back is on the verge of success once again and this can be suatained if we dont repeat our mistakes. With the support from government and audiences this cak be established as industry once again with profits for both investors and economy likewise.