Road to Success Blocked By High Merit Containers

  • Ratio of students in higher institutes is getting lower day by day but no one draws this attention on the root cause of this problem that is why this actually happens. Today I want to draw your attention on one of the major issues which is neglected .Every year thousands of students pass board examinations but only hundreds of them enter the next level of education  i.e. colleges and universities

    Here the question rises that where the rest of the students go?. In Pakistan the passing criteria of board examination is 33 percent but if we look at the admission merit of colleges and universities we come to know that it is 60 percent. Here the question is where the rest of the students who lay between 33 percent to 60 percent end up?. These are the students who although passed the examination but are still considered failures. Although, some students get admissions somewhere by paying high fees and through references, What about those students who cannot pay? They simply quit their education.

    Where does the future of those students exist who fall between 33 percent to 60 percent?. The ratio among this percentage mostly contains boys. The students who never got further admission went astray. Those students due to this negligence change their studying aptitude and spoil themselves. Secondly due to this behavior from institutes, student gets disappointed and becomes rebellious. Besides this, Pakistan has lost many students including those who could have been one of the bright future of Pakistan. These students get distracted due to this behavior and spoil their lives.  No one takes the responsibility for the loss of talented students. Despite of this many students change their goals of lives and stat walking on that way which simply bring nothing but ruin their lives.

     Side by side students must not be judged only on the behalf of their academic results but on the behalf of their personal aptitude and skills also.  Which are be beneficial for the future of Pakistan .The solution of this problem according to me is that education department should raise some passing criteria as well as colleges and universities must lower down some admission merit and make it balanced and one figure. So that the student who passed the examination can easily avail the opportunity of getting admission in the desired institutions .This may lower the ratio of suicides in Pakistan caused only due to this issue as well as decrease the amount of youngsters involved in different crimes. Every year more than 7000 students commit suicide. The underlying cause is mental disturbance and social and economic issues.

     In order to prevent this trend government should pay attention towards elimination of this unfortunate happening.  Along with this, the government should also draw its attention towards technical institutes so that one who have least interest in theory can prevail with practical sort of stuff and give Pakistan a positive outcome.  So that instead of wasting ones future one can brighten up his future as well as the future of Pakistan. We have to give opportunities to the upcoming youth because the future of Pakistan lies in their hands. If we want Pakistan’s prosperity we must give a positive direction to our youth. And for this purpose it is very much obvious to provide them institutes in which they can prove themselves. There are some technical institute like Rawalpindi polytechnic institute in which they introduce short courses for boys.  Due to these types of institutes one who don’t pay attention in theory can prevail benefit in practical stuff and it is noticed that many useful and brilliant minds were found in such type of institutes.

    Pakistan is one of the largest countries containing large amount of youth. It is very much beneficial and positive factor. So instead of availing benefit from this emerging blood our educational system is spoiling interest of youth and destruct there minds.  Due to this prominent issue it has been noticed that crime rate is increasing day by day as lack of guidance and opportunities.   This issue is mostly found in boys as they don’t put much effort in education and in the end pass with very low percentage whereas girls always have brilliant mind they easily compete boys and got position in higher institutes.  Unfortunately it is also noticed that only 30 out of 100 girls continuo with their careers rest of them indulge themselves in households duties specially designed y them from Allah Almighty. Due to this huge gap of skill is found  If you are blessed with a beautiful life, you should consider living it. Many other lives are linked with yours. You should live for them if not for yourself. Live meaningful lives which give a positive outcome to you, your loved ones and to your fellow companion’s .Cherish what you have in spite of regretting what you don’t.