Media industry influences media content

  •  Media industry:

    The term "media industry" talks about to the collection of businesses and enterprises that use technology to deliver information and entertainment to people. There are some examples of sectors within the media industry are television, radio, advertising, video games, newspapers, movies and music.

    Media content:

    Content is the data and encounters that are coordinated towards a crowd of people. Content is something that will be communicated through some medium like TV, radio,Newspaper, and so on. Medium is the channel through which content is being send or gotten to the general population. Substance can be conveyed through various media including the Internet, film, TV, cell phones, sound, recordings, CD's, books, digital books, magazines, and live occasions, for example, addresses, gatherings, and stage exhibitions. The substance needs channel to get from here to there from the other way around.

    Media content provides for an adjustment in the estimations of society. It can acquire a change our arrangement of convictions, approach towards life, and identity all in all and so forth. It can change the manner in which we think. Its commercials can impact our contemplation and conduct. Media opens us to another world that we can connect ourselves with. It won't not be right to state that society is framed by broad communications. Media is a similarity of society.


     The major media industry in Pakistan:

    • PTV

    Pakistan went into Television Broadcasting age with a little TV Station set up at Lahore from where transmission was first channeled in Black and White with impact from 26 November 1964. Beginning communicates of PTV included instructive substance. It was new or exploratory stage and was working for national solidarity, Islamic qualities, patriotism "Energetic National Content". Its job was to find out the neighborhood ability from various parts of nation. While presenting the electronic media in the nation, the wide point of view remembered was to illuminate and teach the general population through healthy diversion and to instill in them a more prominent consciousness of their own history, legacy, current issues and improvement and information.


    • AAJ TV

    AAJ TV is the logical progression of the Business Recorder mission to dispense pure information through easily accessible mediums. AAJ TV is the only digital satellite channel to have an Earth Station in Pakistan that broadcasts directly to the Asia Sat satellite with a footprint of over 60 countrie.


    AAJ TV provides to all tastes by providing three well-defined programming blocks in the form of News, Current Affairs and Entertainment. Building on the perfect news reporting experience of the Business Recorder, AAJ TV provides round the clock news coverage from around the world in collaboration with its partner news sources in more than 100 countries. On the Entertainment front, industry veterans are heading the teams and using one of the best and most well prepared production facilities in the country to create ground breaking programs starring the best known faces in television.

    • ARY Digital

    ARY Digital was launched the United Kingdom to cater to the rising demand of value-based family entertainment for the Sub-continental viewers residing in the European world. ARY Digital has provided viewers with programming for every member of the household; cartoons for children, music, fashion and new-age shows for teenagers, game shows, dramas, sitcoms and live shows on issues regarding women, news and current affairs programs, and pulsating ICC cricket tournaments and other sporting events, now captivating over a quarter of a million viewers across Europe. QTV, part of the ARY Digital Network of channels in Pakistan, is a private religious channel broadcasting Islamic programming, including talk shows. At first glance, a majority of the content on this Urdu (national language) channel seems to focus simply on imparting the direct teachings of Islam. QTV also broadcasts shows featuring some rather unusual topics. Islam or Modern Science focuses on health and science, even if through a religious lens. The goal of the show is to reconcile religious teachings with present day science and technology. The content on Quran TV, and shows such as Alim online, shows that discussion and talk shows focus on informing audiences about Islam, and particularly clearing misconceptions around it. Although a majority of the content on QTV may seem didactic or conservative, there are some shows that encourage fair and honest discussion regarding Islam in the West and within modern Pakistani society. QTV in particular, has shown targeting youth, children and women.

    • GEO TV:

    The channel which began its test transmission on August 14, 2002 gave its audience the first whiff of independence. It arrived on the scene at a time of transition. GEO became a catalyst and the barren and overbearing landscape of yesteryear was transformed beyond recognition, its extraordinary news coverage, and current affairs programs, made it a hit amongst the masses, and its innovative talk shows gave it a further boost. HUM and GEO TV dramas like mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, all these celebrations lead viewers away from Pakistani Culture. Culture of a country is not inhibited to a territorial barrier in the present situation of the world. Due to global media, people of one country adopt another culture. It might be an awful situation for them because culture means the base or back bone of a nation, of a country.

    GEO TV has many channels like GEO NEWS, AGG, and GEO SUPER AND GEO ENTERTAINMENT. It has been seen all over the world where Urdu speaking people are living. It is a very popular channel all over. GEO TV dramas are very popular in the world because of the contents. Mostly dramas of GEO TV family oriented like ye Zindagi hy, meri zaat zera benishan, Ashk, Khuda or Mohabaat etc. GEO TV dramas are also culture related and they covers the all culture of Pakistan in his dramas like uraan, meri behan mayaa etc. GEO TV dramas also cover the women problems, issues in the society Jahaiz, Ghaoo, Man jali, Ek hatheli py hina ek hatheli py laho and Saat perdoo main etc. Popularity of the GEO TV dramas in women the researcher thinks to take the GEO TV. Mostly GEO TV dramas are representing the true picture of Pakistani culture. Their dramas are not as much influential from western and Indian culture like other channels. They present Cultural Effects of Urdu Dramas of Geo and Hum TV on Women cultural image of the Pakistani women in dramas and also show the problems which she faces in the society

    • HAM TV

    HUM TV is an exclusive entertainment channel. The content covers the whole family with special focus on females. The cornerstones of the programming are Soaps, Dramas and Game Shows. The content from TV reaches homes; it interacts with families and influences the society, therefore, paying special helpfulness to it is justified. The media industry has also negative impact on teenagers. If teenagers see unrealistic things body types often enough, it can have an impact on their body image and dieting behavior. Media can also influence other unhealthy behavior, including smoking, drinking alcohol and taking other drugs. They can see these things they will use it at their home or other places. Some people do this as fashion.

    • Print media

    Print Media Newspapers are social or commercial phenomenon because they talk about social issue of concern and have extensive commercialism attached.

    Newspapers or Print media still have a strong impact over the common man. The reason may be because it carries more news in a smaller space and the convenience of reading it at a time and place of one's own choice. Another reason of its influence is the lack of state control over the print media content in Pakistan.


    Print media is considered more well-intention and credible source of information in Pakistan as compared to TV which until recently had been in tight government control.

    Newspapers and magazines are published in 11 languages; most in Urdu and Sindhi, but English-language publications are many.  The peoples are interested to read newspaper in this their vocabulary and reading speed is increase. They easily understand the all content.

    • Radio:

    Firstly only Radio broadcasting was the only mass contact medium. The audience of Radio is heterogeneous. The FM Radio has most conveyed revolution in radio industry. Radio broadcasts religious programs on eid,  shab-e-barat; Youth affairs are discussed on Radio Pakistan. Child and women programs are broadcasted by Radio Pakistan. The target audience is identified and different timing is determined for different audience availability. Programs are arranged according to the spirit of audience. Radio attracts the audience because it has commercial side attached.

    Radio provides awareness to the rural population on health, education, women, crop growing, programs for benefits of formers etc. Publicity: Radio broadcasts public service programs include health etc. Radio Pakistan provides coverage of sports activities; live coverage of matches, Dramas and talk shows are broadcasted on Radio Pakistan.  Science and technology programs are also a part of Radio programs. Radio Pakistan has played an important role in increasing the political awareness of public especially people in rural areas.  The Radio Channel Pakistan, a number of private radios carry independent journalistic content and news. But most radio content is music and entertainment.