What do Muslims learn from Imam Hussain (R.A)?

    Even today after 1400 years the world refreshes every 10th of Muharram. Hussein bin Ali (R.A) was a great person, who, through his sacrifices, taught many lessons to the coming generations. Hazrat Hussain Ibn Ali (R.A) and the 72 members of his family and devoted companions in Karbala on the 10th Muharram, 61 AH was a very great tragedy in the history of man on earth. Ashura was a battle between right and wrong; a divine battle which is not forgotten by time. The more time is lapsed from its date of happening, the clearer its teachings become for us. This event did not go without leaving behind lessons for all humanity and particularly for the Muslims. Among such lessons, I may refer to the following:

    1. Behavioral teachings.
    2. The Message of Freedom.
    3. Selflessness and Sacrifice.
    4. Trust in God.
    5. Courage and Bravery.
    6. Loyalty towards Vows and Promises.
    7. Sincerity in Behavior.
    8. Carrying out the Duty.
    9. The Significance of Salat.
    10. Total Submission to the will of ALLAH.
    11. Always support the Truth.
    12. Women's roles.

    There can be innumerable examples and lessons one can learn from their actions and dialogues that we hear in the narrations.

    But know this: In the darkest of nights and in the coldest of hours, the tragedy of Hussain (R.A) can warm the hearts of even the stoned ones...