• "Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the order fellow and then for ourselves."

    There are many reasons in life to cause unhappiness to us. You will not meet a person who has never been happy in his life. Man is a strange, moody and ever-changing creature. At one point of time, he becomes extremely joyous about something and the very next moment this happiness losses its grip and he becomes sad at something. Basically, in hearts of hearts we all are sensitive beings; no matter how strong we claim to be, whenever things do not go our way we become upset or show signs of disapproval. . . So what is the key to still remain happy most of the time??

    Aristotle rightly answered: "Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient"

    Firstly, accept the fact that life cannot always go according to your patterns. If that would have happened then think how boring life would have been. You would have had no challenges to face, no hurdles to overcome, just plain monotonous life with no goal because the entire goals would have been already fulfilled. So, particularly there is nothing to look forward in such a life. Secondly, be aware that happiness is basically a state of your mind, you have control over it. You can let anger take over you and destruct you or you could let that angry moment pass away silently. It entirely depends upon you whether you want to be happy or not. Bad times are never permanent; ALLAH loves us to much to see us in pain always, rather he gives us pain to make us realize the importance of happiness.

    Life is such a short span of time that even wasting a second of it in being sad is wrong. Whenever you feel the blues coming over you, follow these simple ans useful tips, which may come handy to you:

    •  If you are extremely angry at someone, take a few deep breaths, drink water and sit silently for a while, calming yourself down. Try to make yourself understand the fact that it's the loss of the other person if he/she is not able to understand your advice. Be patient and things will definitely come your way.
    •  When you feel alone, never ever keep your mind free. Instead, do some activity like watch funny movie, call up a talkative friend, turn to some comedy drama or read an amusing novels. . . Just deviate yourself from that situation, do not let it affect you in anyway. This act will make you stronger and patient towards your low moods.
    •  If some remark of another person hurts you, do not panic or start to hate that person. Accept his opinion, think over it, and ask others if they agree to that opinion or not. After weighing the remark, if you find that the person was correct in highlighting your mistake then try to realize that fact and make the person realize that you are strong enough to overcome your weaknesses.
    •  Accept the people around you as they are. You cannot change their personalities entirely. Understand others, especially your friends; you may learn new things by looking through their point of view. They may also learn from your side of the picture.
    •  Most importantly, realize the fact that life has to be lived once so live it to the maximum.

    Cherish the little moments of love around you. Gift others by making them laugh. Love all the people around you, so that no matter where they go, they would always remember you in good appreciative words.