How can entertainment TV channels play a powerful role in the p

  • How can entertainment TV channels play a powerful role in the propagation of core religious values?

    Pakistani serials and Films are slowly spoiling our society by the values they are presenting and by the image they are portraying of women. Dramas on Pakistani entertainment channels are mostly presenting stereotypes. They are showing and injecting the idea of good and bad women into the mind of people in society. By showing such stereotypes, people are forming different opinions without even knowing whether they are right or wrong. Unfortunately, in the name of modernization, our Entertainment Industry has given up on our rice national heritage and culture. Till the early ’90s, our Entertainment industry was flourishing very rapidly keeping all the integrity of our social norms and values but unfortunately, today’s industry is the opposite of what we knew then. Today’s Industry is focused on portraying the negative image of Pakistan, internationally and to some extent, it seems that our industry has become a puppet of our enemies' hands.

    Media is a powerful tool having the responsibility to guide people towards the right path. However, in present times media is spoiling the social bond of society to gain some financial benefits. The aim of media is to generate more and more revenue by misusing its tremendous power. Western values and even the Indian culture are being shown in the dramas and shaping our society into something which actually we are not. Pakistani own culture and values should be promoted in these channels as they are widely seen as an audience so that people remain stuck to their Islamic values and culture.

    Entertainment TV channels and Propagation of core Islamic Values:

    Islamic values should be a core for livelihood in a Muslim society and the Media of an Islamic state must have its policy building under the umbrella of Islamic Values. As we know that Islam is the divine religion of Allah Al-Mighty thus all its teaching are to be followed. Presently, our Industry is moving in the opposite direction to that of Islam. Western Values are prioritized as compared to Islamic values.

    How to correct the Entertainment industry’s direction:

    First of all, our government should make new policies for the Entertainment TV channels keeping in mind present media trends. All unethical and materialistic approaches should be permanently removed. Government should call a meeting with Media owners to discuss the matter with mutual understanding. The most important point that should be discussed are as follows:

    ➢ Presently, dramas and films are showing content having scenes of physical intimacy to some extent whereas Pakistani society has its own moral and religious values where such acts are considered seriously objectionable. But due to the repeated exposure of such content viewers do not find these acts offensive. Thus, such acts that are spoiling social values should be strictly prohibited. Islam strictly prohibits two opposite gender to come closer to our Nikah. Islam also prohibits Husband and wife physical intimacy in the public area. So such acts should not be a part of our Entertainment Industry.

    ➢ Our Entertainment Industry promotes the lifestyle of elites. While the majority of the Pakistani population belongs to the middle class. This act destabilizes the social structure and poor people are degraded due to their simple lifestyle. Our religion Islam promotes and supports simplicity. Thus, we should make policies for the media to show simplicity as a tool of honor and integrity.

    ➢ Dramas and Films are promoting modern dressing styles. Almost eighty percent of the scenes in our Dramas and Films portray women with a modern dressing style in a race to show more and more glamour by objectifying women. Pakistan is an Islamic country and western attires are not a part of its culture. Islam prohibits a woman to expose her body parts instead Islam teaches our women to cover their bodies with clothes in such a way that nobody's part is visible. Thus, our Media should be bound to show a woman with integrity and honor.

    ➢ Films and dramas portray romantic scenes which can lead to psychological behavior changes. A greater percentage of females in rural areas are getting affected by it. This is leading to an increase in rape and harassment cases thus Government should ban those who show unethical products on TV.

    ➢ Marriage ceremonies shown in films and dramas are under the influence of Indian and western culture promoting a luxurious lifestyle. Most of our people are not so wealthy to afford these luxuries. However, the media is setting a trend that marriages are to be expensive.

    In today’s society, it is said that getting married I much more expensive than having a girl to sleep with. Thus, this is provoking unethical activities in society. Our government should make some policies to stop media houses from dramatizing and glamouring everything even when it’s not necessary.


    Our media is moving in the wrong direction. Policies should be introduced to eliminate all the above-mentioned weak points in our media industry. Islam is a religion that guides us in every situation of life. So, if we will follow Islam in a prorated way then our society will be an example for the rest of the world!