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  • Irza Syed Film studies BMC 6 Sap: 5490 Q. Critically discuss the opening scene of Inglorious bastards. The film is a direction of Quentin Tarantino. The film informs us concerning the anecdotal holocaust that was intended to obliterate the Nazi-German-political initiative. The film is considered as fictional but not entirely fictional. The genre is war/action, adventure and facets of comedy going on can be acknowledged throughout the movie Manipulation of the opening scene The movie starts with the major credits in an antiquated printed style while a western sounding orchestra plays. As the credits and the music obscure to an end, central piece of essential setting through abstract depiction can be seen; The first scene is a wide-angled shot portraying a French homestead scene with a man dangling a cleaver. The accompanying scene is a vertical defying close-up of the man, which develops a sensation of the man's outward show, similarly as an attitude of his forcing nature. An unconcerned appearance carved into his face. Then the camera cuts to a woman hanging sheets. Following that there are sounds of low thunder. As she pulls back the sheet all inside, the doubts are affirmed as a convoy of vehicles appear clamoring not too far off towards the ranch. Then, a Spanish interpretation of "Hide Elise" cuts through the quiet evening and the ladies shouts to whom is initially perceived as her dad; "Father!". Through the hunch, slow accelerando of the piece similarly as the characters reaction subsequent to seeing the vehicles and through the setting given essentially before, it's in all likelihood the case the visitors are Nazis. This is a genuine illustration of how artistic strategies can pass on the idea of a scene without requiring exchange. The representation is that the idea of the Nazi's visit is to search for Jews secluded from everything. Colonel Hans Landa of the SS is meeting the one who is known as Perrier Lapadite with regards to the whereabouts of his missing Jewish neighbors. This is an extremely cozy discussion portrayed by close ups of the two men. While he drills down the individuals from that family, a long shot encircles the two men. As the camera sets upon him, it pans down showing his body down to his feet and into the ground surface boards where it's revealed the Jew family is stowing endlessly. Later, there comes an exciting twisting trade between the two men, Lapadite who is covering his sidekicks hesitantly surrenders the region. As Colonel Hans Landa requests that he bring up the spaces where they are stowing away, a becoming offensive sound cautions us of the terrible situation going to come to pass. When they are shown entering the home, prepared to shoot into the flooring, the music gets logically quicker and stronger till the racket of the sound matches with the awfulness of the demonstration. One individual from the family endures anyway and flees. The camera point is from inside the house with the entryway focused. There is a considerable measure of balance in the shot with the dark dividers on each side outlining the scene as she frantically runs into the field (actually focused inside the entryway). The Colonel ventures into the entryway following her, overshadowing the light with his dark clothing making an outline. This would demonstrate to agent of the whole film, the Colonel addressing the Nazis and the lady addressing the Jews; the dim pursuing the light. In this case the utilization of lighting provides us with an exceptionally strict translation of the idea of the characters. That specific scene doesn’t show actual the homicide or the grisly murder scene, however its left for the crowd to envision what occurred.
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  • Wasif Khan Light and Shade Muhammad Wasif khan BMS 2 YouTube link:
    July 1, 2020

  • Nashmia Khan تعلیم امید ہے پاکستان کے ایک گاءوں میں یہ دستور تھاکہ لوگ اپنے بچوں کو پڑھاتے لکھاتے نہیں تھے بس انہیں بھیکمانگنے اور مزدوری کرنے کے لئے چھوڑ دیتے-ان میں سے ایک بچہ جب بھی یہ حالات دیکھتا تو ہمیشہ یہ سوچتا کہ وہ پڑھ لکھ کر بڑا آدمی بنے گا-اس کے ماں باپ نے اس کی خواہش کا پاس رکھا اور اسے شہر پڑھنے کے لئے بھیج دیا –گاءوں والوں کو یہ بات ناگوار گزری اور انہوں نے احمد کے والدین سے تعلق ختم کر دیا-یہ بات جب احمد کو پتا چلی تو اسے بہت برا لگا لیکن اس نے پڑھائ جاری رکھی -خود محنت کر کے کماتا بھی رہا اور پڑھتا بھی رہا – تعلیم ختم کرنے کے بعد جب وہ گاءوں میں آیا تو تب بھی حالات ویسے ہی تھے – اس نے مختلف اداروں سے گاءوں میں سکول بنانے کی بات کی –گاءوں کے لوگوں نے اس بات کی بہت مخالفت کی اور برا سلوک کیا اور احمد اور اسکےخاندان والوں کو گاءوں سے باہر نکاٗ دیا- احمد نے کوشش جاری رکھی اور گاءوںوالوں کو سمجھاتا رہا اور ایک وقت ایسا آیا جب گاءوں کے لوگوں نے اس کی بات کی بات مان لی – پھر اسنے مختلف لوگوں سے بات کر کے گاءوں میں ایک سکول بنایا -اور پھر تمام بچوں کو وہاں پڑھنے کے لئے بلایا -اس طرح تمام بچے جو تعلیم سے نا آشنا تھے انہیں بھی تعلیم حاصل کرنے کا موقع مل گیا -
    May 6, 2019

  • Nimra Farooq BICYCLE THIEVES (vittoria de sica) A film that reflects Italian neorealism. Its main characters are Ricci, Bruno (his son), his bicycle. This movie shows us the economic condition of post-World War 2 Italy. Daily, a lot of people gathered in front of employer office to get a job. Luckily, an officer called Ricci and offered a job of bill posting but they had a condition of having a bike to a employee so he can travel easily. Ricci had a bike in past days but due to bad circumstances he had to sell it. He seems stressed and also he could not loss a job. He came to his wife, Maria. She had a smart mind, she washed all the bed sheets and they both sold it in pawnshop. Here they showed that how people those days strive. They sell one thing to buy another. Ricci then went to the other section to buy a bicycle which he sold few days back. he went to office carrying his bicycle, he got a job, six thousand a fortnight plus family allowance and overtime. This showed that at that time less salary even mattered a lot. And it brought happiness to whole family. They were coming back on the cycle when her wife asked him to stop nearby a house saying she wanted to meet a woman. He also went upstairs. He saw a room full of people, and a old women was making assumptions for each one. Her wife was also standing there. He got little offended to her that she is wasting her money on these tricky things also he was surprised that his wife having two children believed in these magical things. She said that woman told her that Ricci would have a job in few days that is why he is having a job. He replied is that woman helped me to find a job. He got a trial for his job and then started working by his own. One day he was pasting a poster on wall when his bike got stolen. He followed the thief but could not catch him. No one of the public helped him to catch a thief. He and his son walking on the road and suddenly saw a young man having his bicycle, handing over some money to an old man. He started shouting but again nobody helped him to catch a thief. He and his son ran after but could not catch him. Then they followed the old man, but that man refused to tell him anything. They again followed him to the church. In church you cannot speak and cannot leave before the prayer ends. Ricci continuously kept asking the man about the young guy. In the end he told him the address but would not get ready to be come along with him and disappeared. Ricci was shouting in the church and asking security to let him leave. There they showed that Ricci forgot the rules of church in the time of need. He left the church, but his son told him that he wanted a soup which would be distributed in church after the prayer. Ricci got offended and slapped his son. Even though he was a kind man, but he got angry on his child. They both were walking on the road, he asked his son to sit on the brick to have some rest, then he asked him for the lunch. He checked his wallet. There we can see that a poor man must check his money before having anything unlike the rich man. They went to have pizza in luxury restaurant. They never visited a place like it before. His son was watching a rich child who was eating a cheese bread. He ordered the same thing for his son. After it that rich family ordered more things, Bruno again started watching them. His father said we would have a million a month to eat like him. Bruno stopped eating because his father already ordered the same dish as theirs and started thinking that if his father can pay this bill. Ricci made him feel comfortable and asked him to eat up. But Ricci got upset by himself and asked Bruno to write a job allowance on the paper and said that they should not have given up otherwise they would die hungry. In this scene we saw even having a luxury lunch a man could not forget his problems. He came to that old wise woman for some advice from whom she was asking his wife to get away. This scene showed us that he firstly had not believe in these all, but his circumstances made to believe on these things. Old lady said. You will find it straight way or not at all. He did not understand but left her house. He saw that thief on the street again and followed him. People of the thief colony was witnessing the thief. Ricci kept fighting for justice. His son Bruno called the police, they three checked the thief house but could not find anything. He did not report against him and left for the bus. On the way to the bus there was a bicycle standing along the wall. He kept fighting with his mind and heart. He looked so nervous. He handed over some money to his son and asked him to take a bus and wait for him on another stop. Bruno missed the bus. Ricci stole the bike, and ran away, people started following him and soon he got caught. Bruno was watching all the scene and started crying. People were beating Ricci, but the owner was kind asked them to leave him and did not even report in police. At the end they both were seemed to walk on the bus station to have a bus to home and Ricci was crying continuously because he knew that he has lost his job.
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