Custom-made Flange Parts - CNC Turning and Milling Parts

  • Flange Parts are important joining function parts, which used in many important connection joint of devices and machinery. It normally connect pipe system with other equipment, valves, etc. while offering reliable connection effect and allows dismissing and changing to improve updating of the joint connection.

    So, in some way, flange parts are many choices of devices to replace welding connection.

    Normally Flange parts are made of metal materials, such as Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, etc. It is made by CNC turning and milling process, or made by CNC machining center machine with multi processes combine.

    The finishing treatments on flange parts depends on the material used and the devices function. none-treatment, or anodizing, or passivation or coating are commonly used on flange parts surface.

    Asianstar produces flange parts for clients with long term experience. We understand the flange parts function and its key point of fixing positioning, our skillful team can produce small and large flange parts with best solution to make sure the products in qualified result.