New World massively enhances existing high-level enemies

  • The Into The Void update of Amazon MMO New World last week introduced a new weapon for players to use, new enemies to conquer, and balance changes designed to make life on Aeternum Explorer Island more enjoyable. Unfortunately, this update also includes undocumented enhancements to elite endgame enemies, making them harder to kill. The players are very upset, and they are using negative Steam comments to eliminate their frustration.

    Traditionally, when MMO developers want to challenge their players more, they will introduce new areas and have more difficult enemies to defeat. With the Into The Void update of New World last week, Amazon Games has taken a very different approach, massively enhancing existing high-level enemies. Suddenly, a level 60 player who can fight enemies later in the game finds himself in a difficult position. The battle took longer than before. The developers fundamentally changed an important part of the endgame experience.

    To make matters worse, these late-game balance changes were not explicitly promoted as part of the Into The Void update, but instead let players discover for themselves. In addition, the implementation of difficulty changes did not solve the problem of the low drop rate of elite treasure chests, so players must work harder to obtain the same rewards as before the update and earn more New World Gold.

    The developer assures players that it is investigating issues related to endgame activities and reward balance, and is investigating the issue of item drop rates in elite treasure chests. The developers are still studying the role of the expedition. This is a five-person dungeon that requires crafting items called adjustment balls to play, which severely limits the frequency with which players can explore them to obtain high-end equipment. New World players are very angry, and they use Steam comments to eliminate dissatisfaction with the game. In addition, IGGM has a Black Friday event from November 23rd to November 30th, players who want to buy RPG New World Coins can use code "Thanks" to get 5% OFF.